The Kremlin Is Furious at Poland for Backing Up Ukraine, Claims They’re Next

OlegDoroshin /

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, now a top Kremlin security adviser, let loose on his feelings about Poland on social media. Taking to social media site Telegram, his incredibly long rant toiled on and bounced around a great deal. This kind of ranting is something that we expect from the liberals, so to see the Kremlin going off like this is a sign that he has trouble admitting where he is.

The fact is that no matter how many times he claims “the interests of Polish citizens have been sacrificed to Russophobia” via “talentless politicians and their puppeteers” in the United States, the Polish people have done nothing wrong. They are doing everything right by acting as an intermediary for support from NATO countries. We have every opportunity to help the Ukrainian people against this illegal and immoral attempted occupation of Ukraine.

Out of everyone involved in WWII, Poland probably remembers best how horrific things can get. After being initially split between Hitler and Stalin, the Red Army gave Hitler the boot. While the Kremlin loves to proudly proclaim how they gave Hitler the boot, he conveniently leaves out splitting an entire nation with him. This kind of occupation is not quickly forgotten, and with Ukraine also being another country that was occupied during WWII, the Polish people feel a sense of duty to help their neighbor.

Along with bombs being dropped and missiles being fired off, Moscow is doing everything they can to crank the propaganda machine up to full blast. Their messages of the Russians doing what is right, freeing the Ukrainians from neo-Nazis, and other random inferences Putin and his buddies can come up with are being broadcast day in and day out. They aren’t just delivering this message to the Ukrainians, though. They are also ensuring they do their best to win the hearts and minds back in the motherland, as well.

The kind of propaganda Russia is now pushing out about Poland is eerily like the messages they were sending out about Ukraine. The Kremlin leader seems to have lost his mind, though. Ukraine has been fighting largely on its own. They aren’t trying to take Russia over or strike back, to speak of. They are just holding the line as best they can and preventing the Russians from pushing in deeper. Yet, Putin and the rest of his crew cannot seem to gain any real ground. These farmers are taking their tanks when they run out of fuel and bartering with Russian soldiers so they can stay alive, despite a massive lack of supplies.

Poland, on the other hand, won’t be any kind of cakewalk even from the first round being fired. They are a member of NATO and, as such, the rest of the alliance including the U.S. would be there to help defend them. This means that they won’t just impose sanctions and give a small push back or a boost. They would be returning the attacks and Russia would be pounded back a good 30 years. The bodies would line the streets of Moscow, and they would be piled up in St. Petersburg. Putin and the rest of his flunkies could never imagine the devastation they would experience from this.

Despite this knowledge, Poland has remained relatively humble. They aren’t trying to provoke Putin or make him feel like he has no choice but to attack them. Rather, they are trying to dissuade him and encourage him to pull back. They don’t want this conflict either. They know that they do not need to risk Polish or NATO lives over something as simple as Putin’s little ego. They are ready and willing to fight if need be, but given the choice, they would rather stay home and just help send stuff to Ukraine when needed, and that seems to infuriate Putin and the Kremlin even more.