Queen Harris Makes Royal Decree That All Must Rise Upon Her Arrival

Isaac Hoops / shutterstock.com

Queen Harris is at it again, alienating her staff and those around her by how she treats them. The damage that her selfish and pompous attitude has done to those around her is unforgivable. People would rather quit their job than work for the cold-hearted vice president.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns are both journalists and authors who work for the New York Times. They revealed in their book that the wicked queen took offense when people failed to stand when her royal backslide slipped into the room.

The pompous way Harris presents herself silently demands that people think of her as royal. The Democratic Party has long thought of itself as some royal priesthood all-deserving of praise and prayer. They forget that they are servants working for the millions of Americans that elected them to office. Their authority is only derived from the people that support them.

Harris’ rise to fame started each time she would stand for a picture. She had an image that she needed to portray and would not stop until she got it right. She felt that image was more important than character. According to the book, Harris had to wear the same shoes and skinny jeans while campaigning.

Martin and Burns noted in their book that when the picture of Harris in her shoes and pants made the front cover of Vogue magazine, she was mad. They wrote that “Harris was wounded. She felt belittled by the magazine, asking aides: Would Vogue depict another world leader this way?” In her mind, she should have been given royal robes and a crown to wear while being on the front page.

Her attitude at that moment should have been a wake-up call to all voters of just how wretched the queen is. She has no interest in serving the people. All she wants to do is serve herself and force others to wait on her hand and foot. The photo that supposedly upset Harris at the time was chosen to help her look like she could bond with the people.

But that does not matter to a wicked person that seeks fame for herself. She was willing to make a big stink out of the issue on the campaign trail and risk losing an election over it. Joe Biden supposedly was even upset with her over the matter because of how vicious she was.

The Daily Wire noted that Politico said that “It was an early indication that members of the Biden-Harris teams were on different pages with different priorities. The dynamic didn’t improve from there. Martin and Burns document an increasingly fraught relationship between the West Wing and the vice president’s office filled with anger, eye-rolling, portfolio feuds, and real and perceived slights.”

Harris supporters thought it would be fun to work for the vice president but soon found out that they had sold their souls to the wicked queen. Harris feels that just because she is the vice president that people should honor her that way. But honor and respect are earned, which she has not done since sitting down in her sterile office.

Harris thinks that those that do not stand for her when she comes into the room are disrespecting her. She is ready to blast them like she wanted to tear down the Vogue magazine company. And what is even worse for the old girl is that people are not standing for her entrance outside of her staff. They look the other way and turn up their noses at her presence.

Harris had made the experience horrible because of the way she treated people and refused to do a job for the people. The Daily Wire also noted that Joe Biden’s wife was against the idea of Harris even being his running mate. The wicked queen had once tried to make Biden look racist. But Biden is willing to put a person in a position not qualified for just because of the color of their skin. Kamala Harris is a royal pain in the rear, and she knows it, but it will not stop her from trying to demand everyone stand when she comes around.