Biden Spews Nonsense Over Reporters in Brussels

Trevor Bexon /

The idiot in the White House strikes again…only this time, he’s in Brussels and the entire world can see how he’s an embarrassment to us and everyone else. Apparently, no one was around to hold his hand or hold up cue cards. And whenever he goes off script, it’s a hot mess.

Biden spent some time in Brussels this past week for a NATO meeting. It was a necessity to discuss how the world is supposed to move forward with Russia waging war on Ukraine.

The press conference was a nightmare.

He was asked about the sanctions on Russia since they were placed on the country weeks ago as a way to deter Putin. That’s when things started to slide downhill – and fast.

Biden had a bit of verbal diarrhea as he tried to set reporters straight, saying “Sanctions never deter.” He repeated it and claimed that he never said that they would deter Putin.


Even before Russia invaded Ukraine, an invasion seemed imminent. The U.S. had to do something to help Putin think that crossing the border would be a bad idea. As such, sanctions went into place.

Why were there sanctions? To act as a deterrent. It was a way to send a message to Putin to show that sanctions would make his life a living hell and make it harder for him to do business with the U.S.

If Biden says that sanctions never deter, why has the White House been using sanctions as a deterrence? In the span of 15 seconds, Biden blew up his enter administration’s agenda.

The reporter had no choice but to ask Biden what sanctions were going to serve as a deterrent for Putin – since, you know, Biden was just talking about sanctions a few days ago.

That’s when Biden snapped. The POTUS became visibly agitated because of a simple question – something a world leader should be conditioned against doing.

The reporter wanted to find out if the sanctions would cause Russia to change course. RNC Research had a field day by sharing the clip of Biden’s response. “That’s not what I said. You’re…you’re playing a game with me. I know…the answer’s no.”

Alright, so we’ve cleared up one thing…sort of. Sanctions aren’t going to deter Putin from invading Ukraine – but we went ahead and issued sanctions anyway.

We didn’t really do anything to deter Putin, apparently. And Biden knew it wouldn’t work. But we went ahead and did it anyway. No wonder Ukrainian president Zelenskyy feels as though he’s on his own.

If that is the worst that happened during Biden’s press conference, we’d be safe. But the moron continued on – and it’s possible that he leaked some critical information along the way.

Biden talked about his call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He’s still under the impression that there’s a good relationship there. And he shared information with Jinping about Russia. Guess what? China turned around and gave that U.S. intelligence over to Russia.

It’s a dumb move, for sure.

The worst, though, is when Biden says that he “expected” that to happen.

Ummm, hello? If you knew that was going to happen, why did you share intelligence with them? Why not just call Putin directly to tell him the game plan?

The dumpster fire of a press conference continues with Biden talking about visiting the Ukrainian refugees in Poland. He pauses and says “Oh, I guess I’m not supposed to say where I’m going, am I? I hope I get to see…a lot of people.”

It’s as if he picked up a cue from off-camera as his handler was shaking his head and mouthing “STOP TALKING.”

Our President, ladies and gentlemen. We can all die of embarrassment now.