After Bagels, Israel Is the Topic Dems Are Most Widely Split On in the Bronx

Grossinger /

Arguments in NYC are about as common as hot meals. One of the biggest ones in the Bronx is about who has the better bagels. Some scream for Madonia Brothers, others still prefer Bagels on Bartow. Yet, that division is simply coming down to tastes and experience. The great debate for Democrats is specifically about Israel and what to do about the situation there.

This debate is something that has perplexed people for ages. For Democrats, especially, it is a very polarizing issue. Yet, the polarization comes down to a few specific anti-Israel people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their anti-Israel stance is incredibly unpopular among constituents on both sides. People like Bronx-born Congressman Ritchie Torres maintain the middle ground with most Americans offering them support.

AOC loves to ram this stance down people’s throats, too. She seems to be under the Biden delusions that if she says something enough, it will happen. When the opportunity arose recently while campaigning in Austin, she took the chance and doubled down on her ignorance. With hardline anti-Israel extremists heckling her, they took to calling her out on her beliefs. One of the loudest was a contributor for an Iran-ran TV network who claimed that AOC “stands with Israeli apartheid.”

She couldn’t just silence that person or ask that they be removed. Nope. Instead, she tried arguing with somebody who was looking for a soundbite to support his cause. So, she not only gave it to him, but she chose to claim that Israeli Defense Forces were putting Arab kids into cages. Lies like this don’t just come out of thin air. Center for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) is a very well-known organization, and they took this accusation very seriously back in 2014, and disproved it with ease and very thoroughly at that.

Yet, AOC doesn’t do any research. She just hears sensational stull that is QAnon levels of under-reported and just runs with it. Her biggest fear isn’t Republicans, conservative Democrats, or missing a student loan payment. It’s somebody in the Bronx with Google who investigates her stance on issues like Israel before entering a voting booth.

This isn’t a gigantic surprise that she’s this ignorant, though. This is a topic she claims not to be an expert on but loves talking about whenever she has a chance to. It’s kind of like knowing what is best for her constituents. She’s proven she doesn’t have any expertise on it, but she keeps going on about how amazing she is.

This isn’t just a Dumbo-crat thing. President Biden is shockingly pro-Israel. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is a loud and proud Brooklyn native who is very proudly Jewish-American and a supporter of Israel. The previously mentioned freshman Congressman Richie Torres’ district bumps right into AOC’s district and is a passionate leftist just like her. Yet, he is the absolute opposite of her when it comes to Israel.

Torres consistently advocates on behalf of Israel and its rights to remain in place. He wants to see peace in the middle east and is willing to stand up to others in his party who are anti-Israeli. He has refused to have anything to do with The Squad because of their stance. He refuses to jump on board with them on anything. This kind of inflexibility and remaining rigid are traits more commonly seen from the conservatives.

Maybe Torres can become a Republican if he prays hard enough about it. God knows he already has the backbone to become one.