Human Smugglers Discovered Within Biden’s Military


Human smuggling has been rising ever since Joe Biden opened the southern border. Smugglers have become bold in their approach and efforts to take people from their homes and bring them across the border to place them in positions of slavery. Young girls are often the favored targets of smugglers looking to smuggle sex slaves. But those that bring people over the border in boxcars are just as evil because of how they treat human life.

The Democratic president would love to think that human smuggling is not a real issue. But when military members are found to be involved, there is no denying that there is a problem. Biden’s loose laws and open borders have made the smugglers so bold that they think they can become members of the military and engage in their criminal behaviors.

The only force standing behind Biden and his smugglers and the young people missing each year are law enforcement officers and border agents. These heroes are the ones who stand in the gap to track down and stop the flow of people being transported over the border against their will.

In one case, Isaiah Gore and Denario Williams were found to be a part of a smuggling ring that enabled them to bring illegals over the border. These two thugs were sent to prison after they were found involved in the illegal transportation of people. The operation that led to their arrest stopped the flow of abuses that were taking place.

Gore and Williams would transport people illegally while in uniform. They would enlist the help of other soldiers and pay them to keep their mouths shut. The United States Attorney’s Office for Southern Texas found that they would pay other soldiers $2,000 a trip. Both of these men would plead guilty and be sent off to prison for their deeds. But when some of them were caught with people in the car’s trunk, things began to unravel for the two soldiers.

Gore and Williams represent the Democrats and their willingness to do whatever they can to make money legally or illegally. They continue with the crimes until they are caught. The only difference between the two men and the liberals is that they admitted to their crimes and did not try to shift the blame to another person.

The Democrats claim that there is not a problem at the southern border. But the actions of people like Gore and Williams tell a different story. The two men caught with people in the trunk of their car have also pleaded guilty and will eventually be sent to prison for smuggling humans.

The soldiers would find illegals and offer to transport them anywhere in the area that they wanted to go. They would be taken to large cities and then set free. The illegals would disappear into the population, never to be seen again.

Joe Biden has pretty much the same kind of setup, except he gets away with his illegal transportation of illegals. He sends buses to the border, loads up the illegals, and moves them into the country’s interior. Some of his illegals are also flown by night to major cities, where they are let go once they clear the airport.

Biden deserves the same fate as Gore and Williams. The president is transporting illegals under the cloak of darkness, hoping that no one discovers what he is doing. His actions are no different than those of the military now serving their time in prison.

Newsbreak reported that “In one case, the people were picked up in McAllen, Texas. In another, a person was picked up in South Texas, taken through a Border Patrol checkpoint inside the state, and then dropped off in San Antonio, according to court documents.”

The actions of these two men are a disgrace to the country they serve. And Biden’s actions are the same disgrace, only that he gets away with human smuggling since he gets to call himself a president.