California Democrats Raise Taxes on Gas Because Prices Aren’t High Enough

Alex Millauer /

The high gas prices imposed on the country by the Democratic Party are taking a toll on people financially. Those still recovering from the pandemic days continue to struggle under the weight of Democratic greed. But as the cry for relief rings out around the nation, the liberals destroying Washington plug their ears. And when things could not get any worse, Gavin Newsom pulled a stunt to drive prices even higher in California.

The Republicans in California want to lower the gas tax by suspending it for some time. Suspending the tax comes as Newsom proposes issuing gas cards for state residents. He wants to pay people to drive their cars and provide meager relief to people that ride the bus and or their bikes. His plan is a pathetic attempt to appear as if he cares about Californians.

The lousy liberals love to complicate things. Suspending the gas tax would be the quickest and most cost-effective way. But the Democrats do not want to suspend the gas tax because it takes away from their source of income that they get to play around with. And the fact that a Republican suggested the idea is enough to make any liberal lose their lunch.

Kevin Riley was the Republican who brought up the tax suspension idea. Riley’s quick and easy solution would have lowered prices quickly and provided the relief that the people needed. It is a simple idea that would have made people happy. But the Democrats are not about making people happy because they want to make life miserable for everyone.

RedState reported that the Democrats decided to not “reject the Republican bill. Instead, they voted to leave Kiley’s name on the bill and strip out every single provision, replacing them with amendments to impose a new fuel surcharge, a new vehicle ‘windfall rebate tax’ on gas and oil companies that will then go back to consumers as rebates, and new bureaucratic offices to monitor the rebate distributions.”

The political trap they pulled Kiley into will make it seem like he is the architect of a bill that no Republican in their right mind would ever support. And if the bill flops, he will be the one that is blamed for the failures.

They got Kiley on the hook and loaded him with their nasty ideas. Some of the things that the Democrats added include a new charge for fuel, a reversal of tax rebates given to oil and gas companies, and new entities that will exist to monitor the handing out of rebates. And when it is all over, drivers will pay more for gas because the Democrats secretly raised taxes on them again.

Kiley is appalled by what the liberals did. Kiley stated, as reported by RedState that “So here’s the difference — we have here two proposals. I’m willing to put my name on my proposal. We are willing to own our proposal; you aren’t willing to even put your name on yours.”

He goes on to say, “Do you ever wonder why more people are leaving our state today than ever? This used to be the state where anyone can get ahead. Now it’s the state people can’t wait to leave behind. The proceedings here today are a perfect example of that.”

The Democrats in California are cowards because they could not bring themselves to stand against the Republican idea publicly. They could not agree that his idea was better than what the socialist governor wanted to do.

Instead of working together, they took his idea and laced it with liberal poison, and left his name on the bill. They not only protected their image, but they assured themselves of not having to take any blame if the bill ended up being more trouble than it was worth.

Gavin Newsom has turned California into a place where no one wants to live. People want to leave. And major corporations are looking elsewhere to set up their headquarters because the socialist approach is hurting the company. Newsom will soon have a state on the decline instead of growing and prospering like it once did.