World Leaders Admit Biden’s Approach to Russian War Was Meaningless

Da Antipina /

The world is sickened by how Joe Biden refuses to intervene and stop the killing of people in Ukraine. Biden commands the strongest force on the planet, and he refuses to step up and help a country that has, for a long time, been friendly to America. And now that the president’s ignorance on international matters is widely known, other leaders worldwide are verbally admitting that truth.

General Tod Wolters is the head of the U.S. European Command. He was in a conversation with NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and they both agreed that Joe Biden’s best shots at Russia ended in ultimate failure. And it should not shock anyone that the old man would disagree with the international assessment of his actions.

Wolters reported to the House Armed Services Committee on how things were fairing in Ukraine. Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin asserted and asked the question, “Would it be fair to say that deterrence failed in Ukraine?”

The general would try to dodge the question so he would not get into trouble with the president. But Gallagher wanted a straight answer. And the only thing the general could do is agree with the conclusion.

RedState reported that “Biden’s threat of sanctions dragged on for weeks, as Russia continued to amass troops and equipment on its border with Ukraine and Putin continued to make bellicose threats. Still, Biden did zero. Even worse, as RedState reported on February 24, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki incredibly and incredulously declared Biden’s sanctions strategy had ‘worked’ — despite Russia having invaded Ukraine.”

Biden and his administration think that they are highly successful. But their best efforts to keep Russia out of Ukraine fell short because Vladimir Putin invaded and started killing people. The problem with Biden’s thoughts on his actions is that they are tainted with liberal pride. He has led himself to believe that he cannot make any mistakes.

When Wolters started blasting Biden, he just kept right on going. He stated, “I think what we need to do from a U.S. force perspective is look at what takes place in Europe following the completion of the Ukraine-Russia scenario and examine the European contributions and based on the breadth and depth of the European contributions, be prepared to adjust the U.S. contributions. And my suspicion is we’re going to still need more.”

Biden has not done enough to push Putin back. He has only done enough to keep people off of his back. Biden’s intentions are not to confront and stop Biden but just to do enough to make it look like he cares enough to try. But in the end, he does not care about anyone but himself.

The general mentioned that more soldiers might be needed to help NATO stop the advances of the Russian forces. But the way the Ukrainian people are fighting the war will be over soon because they are not giving up until there is nothing left.

Any troops that Biden sends to Ukraine will only be for political posturing. The old man needs to attract people to vote for his fellow Democrats. But using people to gather votes is crooked. Biden missed his opportunity to take action. He will not be credited with putting an end to Putin’s war. But he will be credited with doing absolutely nothing about the situation.

World leaders are now entirely convinced that Joe Biden is a worthless cause when it comes time to help. He makes claims about himself, hoping that people will believe that he is making a difference. But when the facts are examined, it is easy to see that he is just making things up.

The sanctions that Biden wants to place on Russia will not make a bit of difference for a country that is as large as Russia. They have enough infrastructure to keep things moving for months. But Biden will do everything he can to make himself look like a hero while the rest of the world looks the other way because they know that he has done nothing to help stop the war.