Young Mexicans Headed to a Job Fair Near You, in a Bus Paid for by You

BublikHaus /

The Democrats love the idea of open southern borders. They’re willing to accept all of the migrants who come into the country, regardless of age, health, and more. Forget about the immigration rules that we have. Forget about what’s best for Americans who are legally entitled to feel safe. The Democrats want everyone to enter the country if they feel that it’s what’s best for them.

Right now, we’re dealing with a big problem. Companies from coast to coast are hiring – and Americans are feeling as though they don’t need to work because of all of the benefits given to them by liberals.

How are we ever supposed to get back on our feet and recover from the COVID pandemic if too many jobs remain open?

Ahh, well, that’s the plan that the Democrats have had all along – and we’ve played right into their hands. If we’re not going to fill the open positions, they’ll find people who will.

The Biden administration’s newest plan has been outlined by Alejandro Mayorkas, the pro-immigration Secretary of Homeland Security. The plan is to ditch Title 42 and let more migrants enter the U.S. It gets worse. We’ll bus the migrants into any city in the U.S. where there are a number of available jobs so that these migrants can accept positions.

Let’s be clear. Illegal immigrants will be allowed to enter the U.S. and take American jobs. And the U.S. government will cover the costs for all of it with our taxpayer dollars. Sounds great, right? Not so much.

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) realized what the plan was going to entail and made this comment: “Their plan is to move people into the country faster.” He went on to explain why it’s such a bad idea, especially as the Democrats work to get Title 42 lifted so that migrants can pass through the border faster, even if they are sick or diseased.

It’s not a plan to help with illegal immigration.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) accepts the plan for what it really is. The policy that is being launched by the Biden administration is “not to make it better, but to actually make it worse.”

During the fiscal 2022 appropriations bill, $1.45 billion was earmarked to deal with the border surge, which includes not only facilities and medical care but also transportation. Unfortunately, that transportation isn’t headed back to Mexico and Central America – it’s to bring the migrants further into the U.S. interior.

Most of the migrants don’t have the financial means to live on their own. They’ll contribute to the homeless problems. They’ll mooch off the government in the form of Welfare and Section 8 housing. We cannot even take care of our own – and yet, we’ll give up funds that would help Americans so that we can help more migrants. And for what? So that the Dems can get more votes when the time comes.

The plan drafted by Mayorkas would allow migrants to compete for jobs, apartments, and more – and this is all another form of proof that the Biden administration is not putting Americans first.

Everyone can see what’s being done here. Republicans are outraged. Meanwhile, Democrats couldn’t be more thrilled. Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) has said that “We’re trying to become the first multiracial, multi-ethnic superpower in the world.” Wait…what in the world?

This is hardly the country that our Founding Fathers would have been happy with. We’re allowing foreigners to overtake American citizens, and somehow, it’s our taxpayer money that’s allowing it all to happen.