Shocker: Biden Chooses a Woman to Lead the Coast Guard

Jon Bilous /

Biden has gained a reputation for nominating people based on gender and race as opposed to their actual qualifications. We have seen it on countless occasions – and his VP is certainly the biggest evidence that he cares more about gender than he does about what they are capable of.

Currently, the commander of the Coast Guard is an open position. Admiral Karl Schulz has been serving in the role since 2018 – and he is set to retire in May.

If Biden doesn’t get someone nominated quickly, there’s going to be a glaring vacancy – and one that the U.S. cannot afford with all that is going on.

Democratic Senators have alerted the president of the issue. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) and Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) have actually urged Biden to nominate a new leader as soon as possible, reminding him that “ensuring continuity of leadership is of the utmost importance to our national and economic security.”

They’re not wrong. They also provided the reminder that based on what is going on around the arctic as well as environmental protection and drug interdiction, the Coast Guard is responsible for leading a variety of strategic priorities. Not having a commander in place could be extremely detrimental.

It means that Biden needs to step up his game and nominate someone ASAP.

According to the Military Times, he has plans to nominate Admiral Linda Fagan. This would make her the first uniformed woman to lead a branch of the military.

Yep, you guessed it – a female. The only way that it could have been more liberal is if it was a female AND a person of color. Apparently, Biden and his team couldn’t find one who was even remotely qualified.

Now, Fagan has certainly qualified on her own merits to take on this role. She has been the vice commandant of the service since last summer. She is the first woman to be given the status of a four-star admiral in the full history of the Coast Guard.

Fagan has been a proud member of the Coast Guard for 36 years. She has held leadership roles on all seven continents and is even the longest-serving active-duty Marine Safety Officer.

It would be hard to argue that there is anyone more qualified of replacing Schulz than Fagan, regardless of gender, color, or any other discriminatory aspect that someone wants to use.

This means that if Biden does, in fact, move forward to nominate Admiral Linda Fagan, it may be one of the fastest confirmations that the Senate is able to complete since the beginning of the Biden administration.

In many instances, Biden has a reputation for placing a highly controversial individual up for his nomination. It’s why so many people wonder whether Biden is really the leader or if there is a posse of liberals who are serving as his puppet master. After all, why would he continuously nominate people who are likely to be shot down by a Senate that is equal parts, Republicans and Democrats? It’s as if they want the confirmations to be as controversial as possible.

Either the liberals who serve to help Biden took a vacation during the choosing of Fagan or Biden is starting to understand that qualifications matter when confirming people to leadership roles.

It is likely that confirmation hearings will be scheduled for Fagan in late April or early May, following the congressional break that is coming up at the end of the week.

We can only hope that Fagan will make history yet again. We could thank Biden, but that’s likely not the reason why she was nominated.