Fauci is Back. What Does He Have to Say for Himself?


COVID-19 is going away. We see evidence of that every day, in every corner of the U.S. And the Democrats know it, which is why they’re okay with lifting Title 42 for the illegal border crossers down south.

There’s just one problem: Dr. Fauci was getting lonely out of the spotlight. So, he’s decided to step back into the warmth to claim another 15-seconds of fame – or as much as he can muster.

Fauci has decided to announce that the U.S. is likely going to experience another surge of COVID cases in the fall. Keep in mind that we just entered the spring months. Unless the chief medical adviser has a crystal ball, he really has no way of knowing what will happen in the fall.

On Bloomberg Television, David Westin said, “I didn’t even hear about falls and pandemics until COVID came along…” He proceeded to ask Fauci if we should be worried and brace ourselves for what might come in October.

That’s when Fauci got a twinkle in his eye. He had another opportunity to fear-monger – his favorite pastime, and the reason why the Democrats love him so much. “I think it is likely we will see a surge in the fall. Again, when we talk about these things, these are uncharted waters for us this virus.” He went on to say that there are other infections, like the flu, that can go on for decades, which lends to at least some predictability.

The unpredictability of COVID is why Dr. Fauci has even been able to keep his job. After all, he has changed his story and been wrong on so many occasions that we’ve all lost count.

Fauci did add that “I would think we’re going to expect that we’ll see some increase in cases as you get to the colder weather in the fall.”

Isn’t it odd that this new rise in cases will happen just as everyone is going to head to the polls to cast their votes during the midterm elections? Perhaps the Democrats are already working on a way to create a diversion in the polling centers so that they can cheat their way to victory.

The comments about exactly that have already been pouring in across social media. As one commented, it’s the “midterm variant” that we should all be concerned about.

As far as what we need to do in order to prepare, Fauci didn’t say. However, the White House is most certainly looking to do something. After all, the Health Department has asked for a significant amount of money so that they can prepare for COVID or the next pandemic that will come down the line. They have to make sure that they use that money effectively – so Fauci is already setting the stage so that it can happen.

The White House most likely wants us to vaccinate if we haven’t already done so. And if we have been vaccinated, Pfizer and Moderna will be ready for our second, third, and maybe even fourth booster when the time comes. If it’s up to the Democrats, we’ll just have an IV of COVID vaccines pouring into our arms before the pandemic is over.

At least we know where Dr. Fauci is now. He’s been in hiding so long that we almost forgot what he looked like.