Biden Extends Freeze on Student Loan Repayment…Megyn Kelly Says ‘Snot-Nosed Kids’ Should Pay Them Back

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President Joe Biden just announced an extension to the freeze on student debt payments. The deadline of May 1st has been changed to August 31st. The president cited the continued economic hardships that the country is facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The president said in his announcement that the United States is still recoveringfrom the multi-year coronavirus pandemic and it needs more leniency on loan payments. This position is not new for Biden. He had canceled up to $10,000 of student debt per borrower as a part of his campaign platform. But the progressive radicals around him have been asking him to cancel up to $50,000 per student borrower.  

The president said that if they were to resume payments in May, experts from the Federal Reserve believe that millions of student loan borrowers would face real hardships and the delinquencies and defaults that would come might threaten the economic stability of the country. 

One of those progressive radicals is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) from New York. She believes that Bidens slowness to cancel more of the student debt is what is causing his approval numbers to be so low. 

“It’s actually young people who have not really been served. And their priorities were in BBB, which Sen. [Joe] Manchin has essentially stalled. And yet, you know, student loan debt and significant forgiveness of student loans, what the president can do to serve them,AOC said.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has some thoughts about AOC and this issue facing President Biden over student loan forgiveness. During Mondays broadcast of her independent news show, Kelly told her guests Josh Holmes and Michael Duncan from the Ruthlesspodcast that she believes all this talk is the Democratic Party trying to stop the bloodlettingthey are facing before the November elections.

After calling AOC a one-trick pony,Kelly asked her guests if they had received free education.

She said sarcastically, Everythings free, we should go back to our socialist roots and then the Democrats wont be facing a blood bath in November. Didnt you guys have someone pay for your college?

Megyn Kelly shared her own story, she said that her father died when she was still in high school and she had two older siblings that were already in college. They used his meager life insurance to pay what they could on their college debt and all three of them took out student loans. 

She asked if she would have been better off if the government stepped in. She answered that it might have been nice but she just doesnt think her neighbors would be obligated to pay for her college education.

Kelly said, My mom made a sacrifice. We took out loans too but we paid them back! Why should these snot-nosed kids today Im sorry, the ones who really need it, they can get loans, but like you point out a lot of these people are going to be these college Columbia elite graduates who are going to spend their years in journalism trying to shame half of America for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Why should I be paying for their education? I dont want to!

Most of America probably sides with Kelly over AOC. President Biden seems to be straddling the fence or just kicking the can down the road. That wont work for long, theres probably not going to be a different story come August 31st, and that will be even closer to the November elections.