Musk Officially Rolls Out First Texas Produced Teslas, Promises the Cybertruck and Semi Will Be Out in 2023

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Elon Musk was ready to officially cement his position in Austin, Texas on April 7th. Dubbed The “Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas” the invite-only event was the hardest event to get into in Austin. With 15,000 or so attendees, there was a lot for the people to celebrate and enjoy at the event. Making the opening of the Travis County factory, the location also serves as the official home of Tesla after they left California.

Musk was spotted entering the event in his 2008 Tesla Roadster (the vehicle’s first year) and dressed for the location by sporting a black custom-fit cowboy hat. During the event, he lit the night sky up with images of the Giga Texas logo, Nikola Tesla, the Cybertruck, and the Dogecoin dog. With Cybertrucks, old and newer Teslas everywhere, and music going into the night it was a great welcome for the factory.

While speaking to the audience, he brought up improving Tesla production as he stood alongside and interacted with the Cybertruck. “We’re going to move to . . . scale that no company has ever achieved in the history of humanity… It’s been an intense couple years, but we’re gonna have this for you next year, and it’s gonna be great.” The idea of the Cybertruck has been a difficult one for many to comprehend since the innovative design was first shown off.

The ramp-shaped slope and overall design did not sit well with many truck enthusiasts, and many of the add-on features seemed to be marketed to other people than the Tesla faithful, or outdoors enthusiasts. Yet, the number of people who found themselves intrigued enough to purchase the truck is incredibly enthusiastic to see the trucks beginning to come to life.

However, with the Travis County authorities issuing a permit for interactive tours, food, alcohol, and live entertainment, many were disappointed to not be able to attend the event. With the general public and the news media being excluded from the invite list, the few reports and photos that have come out about the event are from insiders. This kind of secrecy and exclusivity is not unusual for Tesla or Musk in general.

When he has done other unveilings, parties, and events, he has kept many people away from them. Unlike other famous entrepreneurs who invite everybody and want every dime they can make, Musk has largely kept the list smaller so he can walk around more freely. Considering where he throws these events, it makes complete sense to keep the list small and safeguarded.

The new Texas facility was using the event to officially mark the first vehicles of the Texas factory rolling off the assembly line. With the potential to employ 10,000 people, the factory will make a large impact in the Austin area. The 2500-acre facility is designed to build the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for the east coast as well as all the semis and Cybertrucks that are coming in 2023.

With the improvements coming to their lines of cars the orders have been piling in faster than the factory can keep up. As much as Tesla has been a feather in the cap of the liberal “go green” mindset, make no mistake about it, Musk is a capitalist through and through. He has no problem paying his taxes, but he wants the most he can make for each car and each idea.

With the way he carries himself and does business, it is nearly impossible to hate the man. While some liberal politicians will pull up her old tax records from years past, they avoid looking at anything the man had done recently. He’s certainly been giving mankind far more than he takes.