Moms Take on Disney


Disney has chosen to draw a line in the sand because they think that it’s perfectly acceptable to teach sexual and gender topics to children as young as five. With a large LGBTQ+ employee database, they were bullied into taking a stand against the Parental Rights bill that Ron DeSantis signed into law in Florida.

Moms, who are used to saving to take their kids to Disney World and using the Disney+ channel to provide hours of entertainment for their kids, are furious. How dare Disney decide to go political.

Disney had a choice about it all. They could have stayed out of it. After all, why does a theme park and children’s network need to get involved in a political issue? The Parental Rights bill is focused solely on what is taught inside of public school classrooms for those in kindergarten through second grade. Disney doesn’t operate any schools. They could have just let people make their own decisions.

Since Disney was on the verge of seeing countless employees walk unless they got involved, they stepped in. And now, moms are ready to fight back.

Leave it to the moms to bring the fight to Disney. We already knew that we weren’t going to get any help from the Biden administration.

A group of Ohio-based mothers, Moms for America, decided that they were going to support Florida’s education law in the best way they knew how. They took a busload of concerned parents right to the gates of Disney World in Orlando so that they could protest.

The two-hour protest has been organized – and several Disney employees who also oppose the radical outcries of their employer will also be there.

Moms for America have made sure to get the word out to everyone who wants to support DeSantis and give Disney a piece of their mind. Tweets have identified the time and place for the protest, which is at Disney Springs.

Their reasoning behind it all? “Its liberal agenda is not acceptable or safe to mothers and families across the country.” They followed it up with a #BoycottDisney hashtag, which has been catching on across Twitter.

Rebekah Ricks, the president of the Florida Alliance of Moms for America, made the comment that “We are excited to bring together freedom-loving Floridians and Americans from across the country to show Disney that it should return to its focus of embracing and promoting family values, liberty, and freedom.”

Unfortunately, Disney is such a large franchise that a few boycotts are not going to affect the bottom line. Although many people may be outraged by what Disney has decided to stand for, they’re also not going to let their children have a meltdown because they suddenly can’t watch Mickey’s Clubhouse. Die-hard Star Wars fans likely aren’t going to stop watching The Book of Boba Fett anytime soon, either.

That doesn’t mean that the moms shouldn’t get loud. They should get as loud as possible. Disney is sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. And if Biden and the rest of the administration aren’t going to step in, moms of the country will.

Disney should be ashamed of themselves. Yet, we shouldn’t be surprised that they did something to appease the far left.

Hopefully, the boycott continues for a while. Maybe some of the uber-liberal programming that is in the works can come to a screeching halt, too.