How’s That Minimum Wage Fight Going?

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There has been a war on fair wages in the United States for years. Many liberals claim that $15 an hour is the only acceptable minimum wage. It is what will help to keep a family of four afloat financially.

The problem is that minimum wage was never meant to support an entire family. It was meant as a way to provide those just entering a field an acceptable wage as they learn and grow within the position. As they gain an education and learn more about the job, they move up within the company.

The liberals don’t really care if people have to work hard. They don’t believe in capitalism. They would rather offer a “fair” wage so that everyone gets paid well, even if they haven’t done a thing to earn it.

Now, as companies have to pay more, the cost of goods goes up. We’ve seen that repeatedly as various cities fight for a $15 minimum wage. And guess what? Suddenly, that $15 an hour doesn’t go as far as it used to be.

We’re dealing with a bigger problem right now. Thanks to the inflation pushed across the country by the Biden administration, the $7 and change minimum wage that is in place in most cities and states is really not cutting it. Even for those who have some experience, the wage that they are being paid isn’t making it possible to make ends meet.

We’ve seen the consumer price index skyrocket – but wages are remaining the same.

Fair? Absolutely not. This time, though, everyone needs to be complaining – not just the liberals.

Are we saying that everyone needs to be bumped up to $15 an hour? Nope, not even a little bit. But at this point, we need to look at a cost of living adjustment across the board.

El Paso, Texas almost looks as though they have caught on to what needs to happen, but they fall short. We wouldn’t expect anything less out of Oscar Leeser, though. As the Democratic mayor of El Paso, he’s only looking out for city employees.

The El Paso City Council has recently voted to approve a mid-year salary bump. Sounds great, right? It’s only for city employees. The minimum wage is going up 7.2 percent. It means that anyone being paid the minimum of $10.36 will now be earning $11.11.

Wow, that’s an impressive haul when you think about it.

Too bad that everyone else in El Paso will be faced with dealing with Biden’s inflation without any added financial boost.

This is what’s wrong with the liberal approach to fair wages. They don’t really have a definition of “fair.” Instead, they look at what could benefit them the most. And with what El Paso is doing, it’s clear that they are only looking out for themselves.

In addition to the pay raise, the city council also approved some signing incentives for police and fire – an impressive $1,000. Public safety recruits can also look forward to a generous $500 signing incentive.

As for the fight around the country to get everyone’s minimum wage up to $15 an hour, notice how quiet that has become? That’s because the Democrats know that they’re losing. If they make a push for this, it will cause prices to skyrocket even more. The economy would never recover. And they’d never win another election again.

So, how’s that fight for minimum wage raises going? Not well for the liberals. And if you’re in El Paso, not well if you’re dealing with inflation and not a city employee.