Piers Morgan Is in Touch with Trump Family…Is This a Good Thing?

DFree / shutterstock.com

Piers Morgan once had a very close working relationship with Donald Trump – even before Trump took residency in the White House. Morgan, a talk show host, was one of the most consistent supporters when Trump first got into the Oval Office.

The relationship went south when Morgan clearly disapproved of Trump’s reaction to George Floyd’s death and, again, of the COVID pandemic. He called the policies that Trump created “reckless and dangerous.”

That kind of criticism meant that Trump unfollowed Morgan on Twitter. Since then, the two have had little to no interaction.

Things are changing, however. Trump has talked about taking the White House again in 2024 since he has the support of many GOP politicians as well as plenty of Americans. Piers Morgan also has a new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored – which includes a beautiful new studio in West London.

Ivanka Trump was actually the one to make the first contact. She sent a text to Morgan to congratulate him on the new job with TalkTV.

Morgan sent a response of “Best to all the family.”

Ivanka responded quickly to say that she’s with her father and her husband, Jared Kushner, at the moment.

Morgan, in a recent newspaper interview, revealed that he had to be careful about the way that he phrased his next response. “Tell your dad I almost miss him.” It was followed by Ivanka laughing at the comment.

The communication between Morgan and Trump is back on – and this could be good news on many fronts.

First, it provides new material for Piers Morgan. Considering that he’s always looking for exciting headlines, a conversation with Donald Trump would be great for his show.

Second, it provides us with a chance to learn more about what’s going on with Donald Trump. There’s a lot of hearsay going on with him because we’re not able to hear from him directly (thanks, Twitter). As a result, we’re stuck with the he said/she said of liberal media outlets.

Being able to hear directly from Trump on the new Morgan show would be great.

The new show is expected to be high drama. He won’t have a co-host, which means that he doesn’t have to get frustrated with the way that an interview is going and walk off. He recently told the Times, “I don’t want to have shouting matches, but I want to have good arguments. Smart, opinionated guests. The basic rules are: I don’t want any stupid people. There’s enough stupid debate going on. Rather than you have to have a Covid test [to get on set], you’ll need an IQ test. Ha ha! No. But metaphorically. I will tolerate all opinions.”

This sounds exactly like the kind of show Trump needs to go on. He gets to share his opinion, Morgan gets the ratings, and we get to hear more about what Trump has planned – such as whether he’s actually thinking about running in 2024 or if he plans on throwing his support behind another candidate (bets are on DeSantis).

It wouldn’t be surprising at all to learn that Trump and perhaps even Ivanka and Kushner get called to be guests on the show. And we should thank Ivanka for getting everyone back in touch after a few years of cold shoulders.