Pittsburgh Has Gun Laws…They Want More

ArCere / shutterstock.com

The Democrats love to cry about wanting more gun laws because they think that it will magically keep everyone safer. Criminals don’t care about the law.

Let’s take guns out of it for a moment.

It’s illegal to assault someone.

It’s illegal to rob someone.

And it’s most certainly illegal to kill someone.

Yet, those crimes are committed across the U.S. each and every day. Some criminals will use a gun to carry out those crimes and others will use other weapons.

More gun laws won’t stop the crimes from happening. And if a person suddenly can’t get their hands on a gun, they’ll find another way to be violent.

Pittsburgh is showing off its liberal ignorance with the demand for even more gun laws. They should think about enforcing the ones that are already in place.

A mass shooting occurred at a party held at an Airbnb in Pittsburgh. Now, a state representative in East Allegheny, Aerion Abney, is being asked to respond to the shooting – even before he’s been sworn into office.

Abney, a Democrat, was elected during a special election – and he already has some ideas on how to handle the gun violence that has been seen across the city.

“Ultimately, big picture, we just have to get these guns off the streets and out of the hands of kids.” He has vocalized that he wants to take a long-term approach to fix all that is broken in many of the city’s communities.

The shooting at the party this past week left two dead – and police are still investigating to determine what led to the shooting.

One of the top things that Democratic legislators are looking at is to require gun owners to report a firearm lost or stolen shortly after discovering that it’s gone. That’s a common-sense law – and one that is in place in many other cities around the country. However, it may not necessarily cut down on gun violence. Many keep their guns locked away, so they wouldn’t know it has been lost or stolen until they go to use them personally.

They believe that reporting the gun lost or stolen would help to reduce straw purchases – where a purchase is made on behalf of someone else. That’s already illegal, though – so they may be better off enforcing that law more heavily.

The state of Pennsylvania already requires background checks. They also make it illegal to buy a gun for someone who is not legally allowed to own one.

This means that it’s already illegal for criminals to have guns.

It’s the same liberal argument – it’s just happening in a different liberal city.

Republicans have a simple solution. “Pennsylvania faces a problem of lack of enforcement, not of inadequate laws,” explains Jason Gottesman, the press secretary for Kerry Benninghoff, House Majority Leader (R-Centre). He goes on to say, “Pennsylvania has one of the most stringent gun background check laws in the country and a host of other laws already on the books that severely penalize unlawful gun use and possession. Legal gun ownership and use is not causing the epidemic of violence in Pennsylvania’s major cities.”

More laws won’t deter the criminals from committing the crimes. The only true deterrent is seeing the inside of a jail cell for months or even years at a time. If the criminals were actually arrested and processed for the crimes they commit, there’d be a lot less violence on the street.

Pittsburgh has to stop thinking of prison as something that is “racist” and “unjust.” It gets the job done – and prisons are for everyone, regardless of color, gender, or sexual orientation.