Harris Says Goodbye to Another Staff Member…Can’t Figure Out Why

Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com

Turnover is never a good thing. Corporate America uses turnover rates to signal a problem with management. If the turnover rate is too high, they send in professionals to look to see what is going on.

We have to pay close attention to what has been happening in the White House. There’s been a mass exodus, though it seems like it’s coming out of one office in particular. Kamala Harris can’t seem to keep anyone in her office – and that should signal that there are problems more than anything else.

We’ve already seen her chief spokesperson Symone Sanders leave…her communications chief Ashley Etienne leave, and we’ve seen an array of staffers and aides run out of her office as fast as their legs would carry them.

Now, Harris is losing her chief of staff, Tina Flournoy.

Harris can paste her fake smile across her face for as long as she wants. She can say that she’s excited that people are moving on and up – but it’s all a charade.

There is nowhere “up” that you can go beyond working for the VP unless you’re going to work for the president. All who have left Harris’s office have actually taken pay cuts just to get out of her presence.

A White House official has already confirmed that Flournoy will be departing. Her replacement has already been chosen – Lorraine Voles, a senior advisor who was brought in last summer.

The various moves will be happening throughout the late spring.

Flournoy is a big loss for not only Harris but also for the White House as a whole. She has had a long presence within the Democratic Party. She worked for President Bill Clinton along with Clinton’s re-election campaign as well as Al Gore’s run for president. As POLITICO reports, “She’s part of a group of Black political operatives who’ve worked together in Democratic politics for decades.”

We have to wonder why Flournoy is leaving, though we’ll never find out the truth. We simply have to wonder just how hard it is to work for Harris considering that so many people have left her.

Congress should be looking into the possibility that Harris is actually abusing her employees. The Secretary of the Office of Science was forced to step down because of the way he was treating those in his department.

This might be something that Kevin McCarthy is holding up his sleeve in the event that he becomes Speaker of the House after the midterms. We could give the Democrats a one-two punch by impeaching Biden for his mental issues and Harris for her harassment and treatment of employees. It could be glorious…

Focusing on Kamala Harris’s office, though, the one who will be replacing Flournoy was brought in as a way to help with restructuring.

We keep hearing the word “restructuring.” Voles along with another senior advisor, Adam Frankel, are going to be tasked with helping to give Harris and her whole office a facelift. Considering that Harris’s approval rating is plummeting, it’s clear that she needs all of the help that she can get.

White House chief of staff Ron Klain had this to say that Flournoy was “a critical member of the White House team since day one, working with the President and Vice President to make their partnership effective and help the administration deliver on critical priorities.”

Considering we haven’t seen any delivery, perhaps Flournoy leaving is for the best.