CDC vs Federal Courts: Guess Which Side Fauci is On?

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A federal judge in Florida ruled that the TSA mandate was illegal. Now, the CDC is saying that the federal judge didn’t have that kind of authority.

We’re in limbo – do we wear masks on a plane or a train or can we finally breathe?

Dr. Fauci is weighing in on it. He’s been lurking in the shadows, just waiting for his moment to step in and provide the country with direction again. We don’t want his directions. Especially as we see how Communist China is managing lockdowns, we really don’t want to see just how much Biden has learned from his relations with China.

“This is a CDC issue, it should not have been a court issue,” explains Dr. Fauci.

Wait a second – is he actually saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outranks a circuit court judge?

We have to be careful about what is going on and whether he is right or not. In an interview where the doc sat with CNN’s Kasie Hunt, he was very vocal about the decision.

The White House has already responded to the issue. Biden said that the decision left him “surprised and disappointed” that a court would infringe upon a public health issue.

At what point does a court have to get involved, though? The public health issue is no longer an issue. There was no way that we needed to keep wearing masks considering that COVID rates are down, hospitalizations are way down, and Title 42 is being lifted at the border because COVID is no longer the same threat that it used to be.

It sounds like we needed the court to interfere because the CDC was flip-flopping on the public health issue depending on who was involved.

If the CDC were to be the sole decider, we’d be wearing masks forever – well, unless you just ran across the southern border and entered the U.S. illegally. Then, not only do you not have to worry about being vaccinated, but the government also won’t even bother testing to see if you have COVID.

There’s a reason why the circuit court judge got involved. She was responding to a lawsuit that said that the mask mandate was illegal. And he ruled in favor of the plaintiff. The mask mandate is illegal.

The CDC is breaking laws.

So, why is it that Dr. Fauci is saying that the CDC trumps the law? Is it so that the CDC can do what it pleases at any time?

The moment that the court ruled to say that the mandate was gone, people celebrated. Even Democratic members of Congress ripped off their masks mid-air to celebrate.

No one has wanted these masks. And it will be even harder to get people to wear masks on planes again. We’ve had a chance to breathe fresh air – and it is glorious.

We have to be careful about what Dr. Fauci is saying, though. This is how we could easily get into lockdown issues like what is going on in Shanghai. He explains, “For a court to come in, and if you look at the rationale for that it really is not particularly firm, and we are concerned about that, about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health issues.”

Oh, yeah – he never wanted to give us our freedoms back. He’d love to simply label everything as a “public health issue” so that it becomes untouchable by the courts.

Fauci says that it was “perfectly logical” for the CDC to extend the TSA mask mandate. As for how he justifies the lifting of Title 42 at the same time, well, that’s a different fight altogether.

The Biden administration is already appealing the decision made by the judge. Perhaps it’s because Trump appointed the judge. Perhaps it’s because Biden wants us to be more like China. Whatever the reasoning, it’s not good – and with Dr. Fauci weighing in on public health issues yet again, we might end up being smothered by a mask when we travel yet again.