France Bringing Digital Identity App to Its People

sitthiphong /

As the U.S. is trying to fight back against the overwhelming wave of leftist agenda topics, the people of France are fighting to keep their information safe online. Their government is trying to lead the charge by developing a digital identity app. The idea of the government being the only one who can corroborate who a person says they are is a new concept to use online. While not listed as the main reason behind the process, these digital identifications will keep a vaccine passport on each user.

The app is based on biometrics, uses a new identification card, and allows users to scan their card to receive private and public services. This kind of move to get taken care of is something out of an old sci-fi movie. As people in many other countries have seen, the level of corruption and problems with the app leaking information people don’t want exposing is incredibly high. Back in 2019, they tried to implement a digital identity, but it ultimately failed.

Titled the Alicem, the app was met with intense backlash when it was introduced. The French people were not comfortable with the app using facial recognition and fingerprints. By failing previously with these ideas and the necessity to have a vaccine passport in France and other parts of Europe, they have put the people in a spot to trust them. The problem is they don’t know exactly how everything will be plugged in yet.

If you think people like Mark Zuckerberg are not foaming at the mouth at the idea of a system like this, then you are fooling yourself. Many think the idea of the government or law enforcement using this to more openly to babysit their people, and they have a very solid point. The government has said the application “allows the user, in particular, to generate electronic certificates containing only the identity attributes whose transmission he considers necessary to third parties of his choice”.

In France, these kinds of apps to get public services and other things done during COVID have become part of their new normal. Lacking a vaccine passport in France could pose problems. The government could easily use the lack of such things from allowing individuals to function effectively within society. Ultimately, it will make them require a vaccine to get along with the herd. While not everyone will fall for their tactics to get them to comply, many could, ultimately, be tricked into taking the vaccine just to get it over with and to do what they want, while others will continue to refuse it and potentially be turned away.

The European Union has been discussing a digital identity for ages, and it is expected across the continent by the end of the year. Many countries are planning to have it by this summer, so it would appear as if France is a test case for how people react to giving all this information so easily. They reason that it will let the people enjoy the “greater flexibility ideal for post-pandemic life.”

Here in the U.S. and even in Europe, there was no need for greater flexibility before the pandemic, instead, we knew where we stood. We could trust people, places, apps, and different things easily. If we didn’t, we could avoid the situation. There was no need for an app to tell us if it was safe. The introduction of this app is just another stop to remove the natural instincts that have kept people going this long and replace them with government-guided answers. Is that really what we need?