Shanghai Continues to Lock Down Despite COVID Cases Dwindling

Graeme Kennedy /

The lockdowns in Shanghai have been absolutely horrendous. People were locked inside of their homes with little to no notice so that they could stock up. And the oppressive communist government of China has kept people locked up for days and weeks on end – so much so that people are starting to lose their minds.

The COVID cases are dropping. Yet, the lockdowns are continuing, even as it drags down the city’s economy at the same time.

We have to pay close attention to this in the U.S. for a number of reasons.

First, the damaged economy in Shanghai has a negative impact on the global economy. With manufacturing plants closed down, it will only hurt our supply chain here in the United States.

Second, we have to look at how the communist country is so controlling over their population. We know how some of the Democrats look to China as a beacon of hope. They would love nothing more than to shove us into a similar level of submission.

We saw how the U.S. tried to lock us down – even as COVID cases dwindled. Even today, we still see masks being enforced in various places. Forget seeing a Broadway play without a face covering – even as the cases are almost nonexistent – and even as we have to prove that we’ve been vaccinated to make it inside of the theatre.

Shanghai has just emerged from a strict lockdown that lasted a month – and now, many districts within the city are issuing notices to residents ordering them to stay home – again. The “quiet period” also prevents residents from getting nonessential deliveries.

Depending on the results of the mass testing, the measures could be extended.

One notice from the Huangpu district read “Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Together we can lift the lockdown at an early date.”

As most people read this notice, they probably did not understand, and they did not want to cooperate.

The people of China are used to being told what to do, though. If the Biden administration were to try this in the U.S., it would be met with rioting – especially when there’s no reason for it.

In Shanghai, the new cases of COVID are falling. While there were 3947 cases over the past 24 hours as of Monday, almost everyone was without symptoms. And when you look at the number of cases in comparison to 25 million residents, it’s a very small number.

Several residents have said that they were not given any notice of the new lockdown. Zhang Chen made the comment about being unprepared and that “I don’t know what will happen in May, but after the lockdown, I think I’ll need psychological help.”

That seems to be the case regardless of where people are. The lockdowns provide more mental health issues than they do protection against COVID. People need to be able to move about as they please.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we already have Dr. Fauci and the CDC warning that there will likely be a COVID surge in the fall months. It’s as if they’re preparing us for the possibility of our own lockdowns. However, we cannot and will not go quietly. We cannot submit as easily as those in Shanghai.

The only thing we can hope for is a red wave that will knock the Democrats’ trajectory of communism off of its axis. If Shanghai’s lockdowns have shown us anything, it’s that we cannot allow the Democrats to remain in power much longer. They love what the Chinese have been able to accomplish because of their power-hungry agendas.