Microsoft Shows Off Liberal Side with New Employee Benefits

Theodore Trimmer /

We’ve seen how quite a few companies are getting political. And it’s costing them a lot of business as people don’t want to see politics shoved into their faces from every brand.

Nike got political when they hired Colin Kaepernick AFTER he knelt for the pledge of allegiance.

Chobani got political when they spoke out in favor of the U.S. accepting refugees.

And the list of companies making political statements goes on and on.

Microsoft is one of the latest to be public about its liberal views – and it offers employees a number of questionable benefits.

The software company has pledged that it will provide employees with abortion benefits. They recently told the Washington Post that they want to help “enrolled dependents in accessing critical health care.”

Abortion really isn’t critical health care. It’s used as a convenience for those who simply don’t want to be bothered with the task of carrying a child for nine months. If it was critical health care, the doctor would provide a D&C (dilation and curettage), which removes tissue from the uterus – and it is done when the baby cannot be safely carried.

See, that’s what most liberals don’t want you to know. People don’t have to carry a child to term if the mother’s life is at risk – or the fetus won’t be viable outside of the womb. So, for example, abortion laws don’t ban the removal of a fetus for such things as an ectopic pregnancy.

Yet, Microsoft will go as far as paying for the abortion – or providing travel costs so that an employee can travel to a state where it is legal to abort the child.

Isn’t that awesome? Every time you buy your subscription to Microsoft 365, you know that you’re helping the company pay for abortions for their employees.

Their list of liberal benefits doesn’t end there, either. They also plan on covering the cost of gender-affirming care for the transgender children of their employees.

Now, imagine you are a Microsoft employee that doesn’t plan on ever seeking an abortion or allowing your child to obtain “gender-affirming healthcare” in the form of such things as puberty blockers or gender-reassignment surgery. That means that you technically get less healthcare than the liberal employees you work alongside. It’s certainly not fair – and it means that Microsoft has decided that it will support the most progressive.

Disney is another company that has chosen to support employees with gender-affirming healthcare. It’s why they took such offense at the Florida law that bans classroom instruction on gender identity.

The good news is that the GOP is looking to provide some protection for employees who don’t want all of this liberal agenda to affect their benefits packages or the taxes that come out of their paychecks. After all, imagine seeing Microsoft deduct MORE from your paycheck all so that they can help Susie down the hall abort her pregnancy because “oops,” she drank too much one night.

Marco Rubio (R-FL) explains, “Businesses should not receive tax breaks for radical left activism, especially when that activism jeopardizes our children. Our tax code should encourage family formation and promote a culture of life.” The Florida senator has gone as far as introducing a bill that would prevent companies from deducting medical expenses related to these liberal benefits from their taxes.

Microsoft may find that they’re going to lose a lot of business and a lot of employees over these new liberal benefits. Why can’t every corporation keep politics out of its business model?