Vaccines Aren’t the Answer Anymore, See How Pfizer’s Shot is Failing

Marco Lazzarini /

For over a year, all we heard from the White House is that we needed to get vaccinated. And approximately 65% of Americans have both shots of an mRNA vaccine (or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson) in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

After being vaccinated, we were told that we needed booster shots – and approximately 60% of those vaccinated the first time decided to roll up their sleeves once again.

After three shots, most scientists agreed that the efficacy would wear off. However, we already know that the Biden administration didn’t want to listen to science. They felt that it would be beneficial for people to continue to get boosted every six months.

The reality is that people are still getting sick from COVID – even after two, three, and four shots.

Now, Pfizer is releasing information that is making all of us feel a bit better if we chose not to get boosted a first, second, or even a third time.

Right now, the biggest COVID variant that we have to worry about is Omicron. If a vaccine isn’t capable of providing us with protection against that variant, we really shouldn’t be getting the shots.

A new Danish study published in JAMA Network Open identifies that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine isn’t as effective against the Omicron variant as we once believed. In fact, after the second or third dose, the effectiveness begins to wane in as soon as three weeks.

According to researchers, the antibody responses from the second and third doses are “transient.” They suggest that “additional booster doses may be necessary.”

At some point, you have to stop to ask yourself how many doses you really need. Two should be enough – especially as they say that the vaccine does provide enough immunity to prevent hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

The additional boosters would be to prevent you from even catching COVID in the first place.

There may not be enough boosters to make that possible. We’ve all known someone who has caught COVID – and they’ve been not only vaccinated but also boosted.

As The Blaze reported about the study, “Compared to the original and Delta variants, the proportion of Omicron-specific neutralizing antibodies fell ‘rapidly’ from 76.2% four weeks after the second shot to 53.3% at weights eight to 10, and then 19% at weeks 12 to 14.”

Based on this data, it’s shocking that the Biden administration isn’t requiring us to get boosted every three to four months in order to be identified as “fully vaccinated.”

The FDA is what’s protecting us from getting more vaccines. They only authorized in March for us to receive a second booster – but that’s only for individuals who are over the age of 50 or who are immunocompromised.

For the majority of Americans, the need to get boosted again and again simply doesn’t need to happen.

This is what happens when the “science” is rushed. We end up with vaccines that are not as effective as they were once explained to be. The study regarding the Pfizer effectiveness is already out – and it’s only a matter of time before similar studies are done on Moderna.

The Biden administration has seemed to calm down on their vaccine demands. If they decide to start back up, we simply need to remember these studies.