Lori Lightfoot’s Curfew in Chicago is a Sign of Ignorance

Adam Calaitzis / shutterstock.com

Lori Lightfoot is the mayor of Chicago. She’s completely ineffective because she’d rather sit back and watch what’s happening from afar. It seems like the only headlines for Chicago happens when there have been gunshots and murders. It’s hardly the kind of city anyone wants to visit anymore for fear of being struck by a stray bullet.

Now, Lightfoot has a plan to deal with the shootings. Only, it shows off her ignorance more than making people feel safe.

A plan would be something like policing the streets, putting the criminals in jail, or even addressing gang violence.


Lightfoot will be instituting a 10 p.m. weekend curfew for minors. Basically, anyone under the age of 18 cannot be out on the streets after 10 p.m. Apparently, this will help to reduce all of the violence in the city.

You don’t buy it either, huh?

Perhaps it is because there’s already an 11 p.m. curfew in place. Clearly, people aren’t following that. But Lightfoot assumes that this extra hour will fix everything – and it’s either incredibly stupid or naïve.

All of this is happening after a shooting that took place in Millennium Park, killing a teenager.

Minors will be allowed in Millennium Park, but only if they are following a curfew. If they are accompanied by an adult, they can continue to enjoy the evening hours. Not a parent – just an adult.

Lightfoot almost stumbles onto the problem but falls short in her efforts to give young people what they want. She spoke to the Chicago Tribune, explaining that many of Chicago’s youth are looking for a place to “hang out.” They don’t want to be indoors. The problem is that there was a chaotic scene over the weekend where there were crowds of teenagers downtown, with many of them jumping on vehicles and stopping traffic.

The mayor goes on to explain “We need to make sure they are safe and importantly that our young people understand and respect basic community norms, respect for themselves, respect for each other, and we must ensure that everyone of our residents and visitors no matter who they are, where they come from…are able to enjoy our public spaces.”

It seems that one of the easiest solutions would be to give the young adults a space where they could go and enjoy themselves that is both safe and dedicated specifically to them.

Instead, Lightfoot wants to remind parents that they need to inform themselves of the curfew laws. Preteen children shouldn’t be downtown alone, without parental supervision.

The problem is that the shooting at Millennium Park is only one of the shootings that have taken place recently in Chicago.

There are other shooters who are over the age of 18. And, some of the shootings happen in the middle of the day.

As RedState reported, the curfew laws “seem to be as about as effective as their gun laws.”

There’s one obvious reason that Chicago continues to have some of the most gun violence in the U.S. Lightfoot does not want to throw youth in jail. “We don’t want to arrest children. If we have to because they’re breaking the law, we will.” But…they haven’t yet. The children breaking the laws aren’t being arrested, which means there’s no deterrent to reducing crime in the Windy City.

Instead, she’ll just keep watching the same thing happen weekend after weekend.

Perhaps if the curfews don’t work, she’ll create new ones at 9 p.m. That should definitely do the trick…right?