Why is Marijuana a Problem? Well, It’s Commonly Associated with Guns and Gangs…

emin kuliyev / shutterstock.com

Marijuana is being passed left and right. Some states only allow it for medicinal purposes while others are allowing it to be used recreationally. And even some of the more liberal Republicans are open to the idea of allowing the drug to be legalized.

There are reasons why marijuana is still problematic.

There are negative and long-term effects associated with marijuana, and this is even identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). It can lead to the loss of IQ points, create anxiety and depression, and even harm athletic performance.

Marijuana is stronger than ever with hundreds of different strains on the market. As it’s become legal in many states, people are getting creative with cross-strains – and addiction is common.

There’s a reason why many companies will still drug test for marijuana, too. People who are under the influence of marijuana may find that they cannot effectively operate a motor vehicle. They’ll have decreased coordination and slower reaction times.

Many people who use marijuana frequently are associated with lower career achievements, poor educational outcomes, relationship problems, and more. And guess what? When they encounter these things, they turn to more drugs to help achieve balance.

It’s why marijuana is considered the gateway drug. And today’s government is openly allowing marijuana to be used. Though, what do we expect from an administration that is also using taxpayer dollars to hand out clean crackpipes? They’d rather people use drugs safely rather than help people not to use drugs at all.

But that’s not even the main reason why marijuana is such a problem. It’s because of what else is associated with marijuana users – gangs and guns.

We see it all the time – someone is busted for being in a gang or having illegal guns – and it’s only a matter of time before we discover that they also have marijuana in their possession.

Marijuana is bad news, yet there are so many politicians giving it the green light.

We keep seeing violence in the streets. And the liberals want to blame it on gun laws. What if we placed the blame where it belongs – on marijuana and people using the drug recreationally. Society is so stoned half the time that we don’t even realize that it’s a problem. Perhaps if we stopped allowing people to get high as a kite, we wouldn’t have all of the violence or, dare I say it, even the confusion about what gender you are.

A perfect example happened in Port Arthur, Texas this past week. A man by the name of Frankie Cunningham is now behind bars. He was arrested with two felony warrants. Any guess what they found when investigators entered his home? Four pounds of marijuana and several firearms, one of which was a fully automatic pistol.

That’s a recipe for an absolute disaster. It’s enough to get an entire gang stoned out of their minds – and then, armed with guns, there’s no telling the number of lives they could take. And their excuse would be that they were stoned. Oh, but it’s okay – the government says that it’s okay to smoke pot now.

Cunningham is a documented gang member. The case is now being forwarded to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for further review.

And don’t think for a minute that Cunningham’s case is unique. There are thousands just like his all over the country. It’s why it’s time to rethink the whole argument of just allowing recreational marijuana to be consumed.