Lying to the Court? Not Good…and Michael Sussmann Is About to Find Out the Hard Way

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Michael Sussmann is a name that will go down in history, forever linked with lying and using federal agencies to help a presidential candidate try and win an election. His trial started with opening statements, and the liberal media is already trying to spin things as lies coming from the prosecutors.

Michael Sussmann worked for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. He tried to dig up dirt on Clinton’s competition. He is accused of using the FBI to gather information on Donald Trump that he could use to smear the man’s credibility.

Deborah Brittain Shaw is the U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney. She stated that the FBI “should not be used as a political tool for anyone – not Republicans. Not Democrats. Not anyone. Whatever your political views might be, they cannot be brought to your decisions.” Sussmann wanted to use the FBI as an avenue to gain information not found anywhere else on Donald Trump.

Shaw and the rest of the team are trying to prove that Sussmann had used the FBI. He is accused of lying to them to get them to investigate Donald Trump. They never could find anything that Trump was involved with that could be used against him. The nasty Democratic Party will stop at nothing to eradicate their competition.

Law & Crime reported that “Sussmann stands accused of one count of making a false statement to the FBI over the circumstances of an unconfirmed, ultimately false, tip he gave to then-FBI general counsel James A. Baker on Sept. 19, 2016. The indicted attorney allegedly claimed he was acting in his capacity as a private citizen and ‘not on behalf of a client or company’ when he gave that information about an alleged connection between Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank. In one message cited by Durham in the indictment, the defendant said he just wanted ‘to help the Bureau.'”

Sussmann tried to hide his connections with the Clinton campaign because he needed the FBI to provide him with the information Clinton was looking for. The man walked into the FBI office and demanded that they look into Trump’s involvement with Russia. Clinton wanted to know if Trump was somehow working with Russia to get them to smear her name.

The case is coming down to a matter of opinion. Sussmann’s lawyers are claiming that he never lied to the FBI. But according to the FBI Assistant Director, the FBI did know that Sussmann was involved with Clinton. He claims that the lie was that he was not gathering information for Clinton or any of her campaigns. Either way, his actions conflicted with his interest, and he had no business even looking for such information on the competition.

Hillary Clinton is a person who lies habitually. She represents a group of Democrats that has no problem lying to the American people. They make claims they state are facts, but when people look into their claims, they are quickly proven inaccurate.

Sussman’s attorney Michael Bosworth continues to claim that his client did not lie but is one who respects the FBI. He mentioned that Sussmann was trying to help the FBI with its fake investigation into Donald Trump. He claimed that he was trying to save them from embarrassment when the media came snooping around.

Sussmann wasn’t trying to save the FBI from anything. He was there looking for information on Donald Trump that Clinton could use on the campaign trail. The FBI has already proved itself to be loyal to the Democratic Party. Sussmann was trying to push them along another path to destroy Trump.

Sussmann was a man who engaged with Clinton’s campaign repeatedly. Shaw was right to show Sussmann as a person trying to find some dirt he could use to bomb Trump. The problem that he faced was that there was no dirt to find. And for the next four years, the Democrats would look and fail at smearing Donald Trump’s term as president.