Fresh Study Proves COVID Shots Damage Long-Term Immunity to COVID

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One burning question that has been on the minds of vaccine skeptics for more than a year now is whether the mRNA shots from Pfizer, Moderna, and other Big Pharma companies are actually weakening human immunity to the coronavirus. Vaccine cultists insist that the shots are highly effective and totally safe to use and that anyone who disagrees with this is a conspiracy theorist Trump supporter. Meanwhile, all of us vaccine skeptics have been looking at what’s right in front of our lying eyes and concluded that these shots are not only harmful but seem to be crushing people’s immune systems.

Moderna quietly admitted last month that the vaccine skeptics have been right all along.

You’ve probably heard of the spike proteins in the coronavirus right now, and the fact that the mRNA shots give you a gigantic dose of spike protein antibodies to fight it off. That’s entirely true – for about four months. That’s when the effectiveness of the shots vanishes completely and, then, you have to get on the booster shot rollercoaster. For those who haven’t figured it out yet, Big Pharma wants to make permanent booster shots a thing, rather than going back to the drawing board and trying to create a shot that actually provides long-term protection against COVID.

But the shots don’t provide any nucleocapsid antibodies. After studying 30,000 people in a paper that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna just quietly published, the evidence points to this truth: Because vaccinated people don’t receive any nucleocapsid antibodies from the shots, they can keep catching severe cases of COVID – over and over again.

Unvaccinated people don’t have this problem. When an unvaccinated person catches COVID, their immune system develops spike protein antibodies and nucleocapsid antibodies. And those robust antibodies stick around for a long time, providing long-lasting immunity to future strains of COVID. Again: This is Moderna and the NIH admitting that natural immunity is a real thing, and it’s more effective than the short-term immunity provided by the shots.

If you need some bedtime reading material, you can check out the paper for yourself.

Here’s a simplified way of looking at it, and data from the UK and Canada bears this out. The data in America bears this out as well, but because the CDC is corrupt and drags its feet for months or years on publishing accurate data, you won’t hear about this from the CDC until about 2030.

Anyway, suppose an unvaccinated person catches COVID for the first time. Their body develops both types of antibodies and fights it off. The second time that person catches COVID, they are likely to be asymptomatic. They now have robust, long-lasting natural immunity.

Now, suppose a fully vaccinated and boosted person catches COVID (which is happening a LOT). The first time, they fight it off fairly effectively due to their spike protein antibodies. But, whenever that person catches a subsequent strain of COVID (which is happening a LOT), they are far more likely to be hospitalized with a serious case, and far more likely to die from it.

The vaccinated person never develops nucleocapsid antibodies. NEVER. Therefore, subsequent infections keep getting worse, rather than becoming milder. Scientists are not quite sure why this is happening, but that’s what the data proves.

In both Canada and the UK, 91% of all COVID deaths in March and April were among the fully vaccinated. It seems incontrovertible now that the long-term effects of these so-called “vaccines” is that they weaken the immune system, rather than strengthening it. Natural immunity remains far superior to these experimental mRNA shots. Moderna and NIH both admit this now.

But good luck convincing any of the people in charge that this is true.