Californians May Face Water Restrictions Across the State

Joseph Sohm /

Over the past two years, Californians have had to face a number of restrictions. As a result of COVID, the governor forced everyone into a longer lockdown than in other parts of the country. Even as the state opened back up, people were forced to wear masks and show off their vaccine cards to go anywhere.

Then, as a result of wildfires, people were forced to evacuate.

Then, because of the electricity grid, people were told to limit their electric use – and in some instances, there were planned blackouts, causing people to go without electricity for hours at a time.

Now, the horrors of living in California continue. There’s not enough water supply for everyone living in the state. And so, Governor Gavin Newsom is talking about restricting water.

Imagine living in the U.S., one of the most developed countries in the world, and being told that there isn’t enough water. This sounds like a third-world problem. And yet, residents are being asked to limit their water usage – take shorter showers, fix leaking pipes, and water their lawns less.

All of those efforts are not enough. The state needed to lower its water usage by 15% last year – and even with various suggestions, the state didn’t meet its goal.

Newsom has already been threatening Californians with water restrictions if conservation efforts are not met. According to a news release, “Every water agency across the state needs to take more aggressive actions to communicate about the drought emergency and implement conservation measures.”

The governor does acknowledge that residents made significant changes, but there’s been an uptick on usage.

Obviously. Summer is approaching and temperatures are up. People are taking showers to cool down, they’re filling their pools, and they’re watering their lawns in order to see green grass.

The State Water Resources Control Board will be voting on whether they want to ban the watering of non-functional turf in a variety of institutional, industrial, and commercial sectors. They will also be voting on the creation of local plans that will institute restrictions on the urban areas of the state.

The people of California are in for a long, long summer.

Gavin Newsom was up for a recall last September. And Californians chose to keep him instead of making the switch over to a Republican governor. Most are likely regretting that decision.

Some had at least hoped that his reign would be short-lived as he attempted to run for president in 2024. Now, however, he has told the San Francisco Chronicle that he does not have an interest in running for president. The idea isn’t even on his radar.

So, that means that he’ll continue to ruin the lives of Californians for as long as they’ll have him. Since many are already dealing with blackouts, they can also plan on having no running water.

Really, what year are we in? California may have electric cars, but they don’t have electricity or water. Are we sure it’s 2022? It looks a lot like 1822…

Oh, but the liberals across the state will accept it all with a grain of salt. They’ll keep electing Newsom back into office because they don’t know how to help themselves.

It’s like the Democrats’ favorite mantra – vote blue no matter who. Yep, their water restrictions will be their own fault…