Hundreds of Migrants Got Away…in One Weekend

Ringo Chiu /

Each and every week, we hear about how there are hundreds of migrants showing up to the southern border. The Border Patrol agents can only do so much. They are limited in manpower and resources. It’s one of the reasons why Greg Abbott has asked to declare the border a state of emergency – only to have such a state rejected by the Biden administration.

When the agents cannot collect every migrant, it means that others make it into the interior of the U.S. We don’t know who they are, how dangerous they are, or even what they have smuggled into the country with them.

It’s a problem – and yet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are content to look the other way. If they don’t see the problem for themselves, it’s easier to live in denial that there really is a problem.

This past weekend was particularly rough for Border Patrol – and approximately 1600 migrants “got away.”

Officials from the Del Rio Sector Border Patrol reported that there were over 4700 migrants crossing into Texas illegally over the past weekend. So, at least some of them were apprehended. Still, 1600 is a lot of “got aways.” They were the ones who may have been observed using surveillance or patrol but were able to escape agents – or because there were no agents available to capture them.

If it sounds like there are more migrants hitting the border than in years past, you’d be right. That’s because Biden’s policies have gone against the ones that were in place during the Trump administration.

Remain in Mexico? Yeah, right.

Let’s look at the numbers. In 2019, 4920 migrants were rescued. In 2020, 5071 were rescued. In 2021, the number jumped considerably to 12,833. Now, as of only April 30, Border Patrol has already rescued 10,500 migrants. So, it’s obvious that 2022 is going to be considerably greater than 2021.

There’s no way for the Biden administration to spin the issues at the southern border in their favor. It’s clear that there’s a bigger migration issue – and that’s because they’re not doing anything about it. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is pro-immigration. The border wall isn’t being constructed. And Kamala Harris is still sitting in her office, trying to figure out the root problem. Meanwhile, all she has to do is look in the mirror to get the answer.

The migrants keep coming because they know that they’ll get through. And if they don’t, well, they’re willing to risk their lives to at least try.

And why shouldn’t they try? The Biden administration treats illegal immigrants better than American citizens. They get a trip to the interior of the U.S., money to help them get settled, and so much more.

Del Rio Sector agents do explain that there are deaths that happen every month. Some people drown while others die of heat exhaustion in the middle of the desert, either in Texas or Arizona.

What we really need is a solution. We need to see the Biden administration doing something to calm the numbers. The higher crime, the mass amounts of fentanyl, and the constant reports of human trafficking don’t seem to phase anyone in the White House.

If it gets them more votes, they’ll ignore all of the bad things that come with illegal immigration. More people in every city, legally or not, boost the Census counts. Higher populations equal more Representatives. And if they just happen to be Democratic Representatives, then the problems created by the illegals are just a small price to pay.

And the Democrats wonder why there’s a red tidal wave headed their way in the midterms…