Biden Is Furious That Trump Was More Popular Than Him by This Point…Watch for the “Biden 2022 Summer Tour”

Matt Smith Photographer /

Joe Biden’s been drinking Pepto by the six-pack as of late. His no-step forward two steps back approach has been etching his name on a granite marker to rest above the six-foot hole he’s been digging. But non-smokin’ Joe’s ulcers aren’t inflamed by the smorgasbord of fumbles he can’t remember. He just wants to be more popular than Trump was, and he isn’t. He was, but two years after hobbling into the Oval Office has his embarrassed voters scribbling their signatures on the wall of shame.

Let’s face reality. Biden came riding in on the coattails of Barack Obama and that’s all the man had going for him. But it was enough to set the hook in the ballots of liberal Democrats who were screaming foul at Donald Trump. The few campaign speeches Biden gave were the non-sensical ramblings of a confused old man on his way to living in the dementia dorm, but be that as it may…

One fillup at the gas station is enough to know America isn’t being built back better. Ten mass shootings in one weekend, while Congress remains deadlocked on gun reform measures, is a repeat of the identical message.

Rising food costs, empty shelves, a raging women’s rights battle, opening the southern border to anyone from anywhere, COVID-19 making a return trip, China, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine, etc., etc., etc., frame the weakest and least popular president in decades. 

The White House administration can’t even put up a decent battle against the forces trying to keep them in check until 2024 or until Biden’s final spring pops, whichever happens first. As a result, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is suffering from a huge decline in morale, equal to that of one-term President Jimmy Carter who was all but crucified while he served in office.  

A former press secretary under President Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, tried to cut Biden a little slack by saying, “It’s something that has bedeviled quite a few previous presidents. Lots of things happen on your watch but it doesn’t mean there is a magic wand to fix it. The limits of the presidency are not well grasped. The responsibility of the president is greater than the tools he has to fix it.”

Dear Mr. Gibbs: Need you to be reminded of how Joe Biden served as V.P. of this here U.S.A. for eight consecutive years where he was totally immersed in the public and the behind-the-scenes activities going on directly under his nose. He knew the ins and outs of the job going in, he just chose to lie about what he could accomplish versus what was going to be out of the question. 

The West Wing is thinking there might still be hope if they can just redirect Biden’s focus and maybe get him out of the house more, and they have a plan to do exactly that. The “Biden Summer Tour,” if you will…

Biden’s been receiving specialized training in how to speak more positively about what he’s been convinced he’s done, and how to steer clear of what his handlers know he hasn’t done. Biden will begin his tour in California where he’ll host this year’s annual America’s summit that many nations are respectfully bowing out of attending. Might as well start small.

Next, the president will jet off to New Mexico where he’ll discuss his climate agenda while at the same time conversely caving into demands for kicking up oil production. This oughta be a good one. 

To help the old man his administration is planning on being more aggressive with their attacks on Republicans by portraying the GOP as an antiquated and out-of-touch group of neanderthals with extremist tendencies. Have they looked at their leader lately?

It’s too little too late for Biden or his flunkies to repair the damage done. The best we can hope for is to still have a country to “build back better” by the time 2024 rolls around.