Liberals Usw Climate Change to Justify Changing America’s Power Grid

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The Democratic Party and the liberal supporters use whatever means they can find to push the climate narrative. They lost the use of the pandemic cover, so they searched for something new to hide their destructive agenda. They know that no one will challenge the concept of climate change. It all comes down to interpreting the facts and what factors are causing the issues.

Environmentalists are out claiming that the heat will be worse than it ever has been in the past. These so-called experts are also proclaiming that there will not be enough power to go around, which will allow people to cool their homes. They are adamant that the power companies are not taking the issue seriously enough to plan.

But like all environmentalists, they want people to think that there is no hope for the future and that America will kill the world if things do not change. They continue to push the notion that power outages will be a normal part of life if preparations are not made now.

The nasty liberals assume that the power experts are not doing their job correctly. They want to be able to regulate the power and tell the experts what to do and how to do it. But these experts have been providing power for Americans for decades, and they know how to do their job. The power outages will occur because the liberals are trying to destroy the current production methods.

Joe Biden claims that he has a plan for America’s energy production. But so far, all he has produced is insanely high prices at the gas pumps. The old man thinks that a plan in his mind is the same as a workable plan in reality. But so far, nothing has been pumped out of his head.

The state of California is vulnerable to power outages because of how Gavin Newsom has treated the industry. The slick-headed man has made it a point to shut down several essential power plants without replacing them with newer sources. The people suffer through brownouts and power outages because Newsom has failed to do his job correctly. Joe Biden is not far behind Newsom’s sad example.

The Democrats do not understand what it means to use renewable energy sources. Republican-controlled states have already made a move to install renewable sources. Wind energy is prevalent and can sustain the current power level for decades to come.

Romany Webb is one of those living in a state of full panic over climate change. Webb is a researcher at Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law. He stated, “The reality is the electricity system is old and a lot of the infrastructure was built before we started thinking about climate change. It’s not designed to withstand the impacts of climate change.”

Webb maintains that the current power grid will fail because of the higher temperatures. He fails to take into account that the power grid is constantly being upgraded in Republican-run states because the state leaders have already weighed in on the aging infrastructure issues and are making plans to change everything around.

Webb is also a person who believes humanity can control everything. He noted that “We have seen a reluctance on the part of many utilities to factor climate change into their planning processes because they say the science around climate change is too uncertain. The reality is we know climate change is happening, we know the impact it has in terms of more severe heatwaves, hurricanes, drought, and we know that all of those things affect the electricity system so ignoring those impacts just makes the problems worse.”

There is not a person alive who can control the weather. People cannot stop a hurricane from forming and a high-wind thunderstorm from moving through a specific location.

The only thing people can do is make repairs when an outage takes place. The environmentalists are the ones that are out of touch with reality. Republican-run states are already ahead of the game by using newer technology. The Democrats are the ones who need to wake up and serve the people that blindly voted for them.