Gross: Are Jill Biden and Kamala’s Sad Little Husband Having an Affair?

mark reinstein /
mark reinstein /

Rumors continue to swirl around the possibility that First Lady Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’s sad, pathetic little husband Doug Emhoff are carrying on a gross affair with each other. The latest incident involved a freelance photographer snapping a photo of the not-at-all-attractive pair leaving a Soul Cycle class together in the Washington, DC area.

The photo was provided to the Washington Free Beacon. The paper ran an analysis of the First Lady and First Gentleman leaving a Soul Cycle class together. The Beacon determined that the only reason why a heterosexual man would be in a Soul Cycle class is so that he can look at a lady friend’s bum in yoga pants.

Pause for just a moment and ponder the words, “Jill Biden in yoga pants.”

You’re welcome.

The speculation about these two having an affair first popped up during the State of the Union address back in February. That was when First Lady Jill spotted First Gentleman Doug in the crowd several seats away. Doctor Jill was greeting people by shaking hands and giving politician-style hugs to a few. But when she saw Doug, Doctor Jill suddenly hurled herself into his arms.

She planted a big, sloppy kiss full on Doug’s lips. It was like something out of one of Stacey Abrams’ steamy softcore porn novels. And also, gross.

Doctor Jill has thankfully never kissed Joe Biden with such passionate fervor. For that matter, Kamala Harris doesn’t kiss Doug Emhoff without a COVID mask covering her mouth. Is it possible that Doctor Jill and First Gentleman Doug are carrying on a romance for the ages?

Yuck. We don’t even want to think about the possibility. The only reason we’re telling you about it is because we’re so dedicated to getting to the truth!

For anyone who wants a reminder, here’s the great and recently fired Tucker Carlson talking about that weird and gross kiss between Doctor Jill and Doug Emhoff back when it happened.