Utah Mayor Gives Mitt Romney Devastating News

Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com
Maria Dryfhout / shutterstock.com

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has long been the standard bearer for RINOs everywhere. And while that has been enough to keep him relative for a time, it seems those days are running out – and quickly.

As you know, we are on the precipice of another election cycle, and one that’s shaping up to be rather controversial. As such, many assume that Romney will run for reelection. But that doesn’t mean he’s likely to win.

At least not with men like Riverton, Utah, Mayor Trent Staggs running against him.

Staggs announced his run Tuesday, noting that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Romney’s current seat. He might be what some consider to be a low man on the totem pole, seeing as he doesn’t have near the name cred that Romney does.

But as he’s been quick to point out, Romney is a major part of the problem with our government and why Washington remains “broken,” as Staggs says.

In the video announcing his candidacy, he rattled off a few of our more prominent national issues, such as open borders, massive national debt, high gas prices and inflation, and a leadership that constantly sends money elsewhere.

He also pointed out that Romney promised to fix all of that when he “moved to Utah and told us what he’d fight for.”

But since he was elected, the RINO has done little else but play politics and for all the wrong people.

As Staggs said, “The only thing I’ve seen (Romney) fight for are the establishment, wokeness, open borders, impeaching President Trump, and putting us even deeper into debt.”

In contrast, Staggs vows to be a conservative through and through and on every front possible.

Of course, Staggs likely won’t be the only competition Romney has. Rumor has it that Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson is interested in the seat. But so far, he’s the only one to officially make an announcement.

And so far, it also looks like he’ll give Romney a tough run for his money.