Chilling “Tranq” Epidemic Leaves the Streets of Philly in Zombie-Like State

Borkin Vadim /
Borkin Vadim /

You know those terrifying horror films where hordes of zombies fill the streets searching for their next meal, sometimes in a slow, death-like walk, sometimes in a mad dash of desperation? Thanks to a few recently posted videos on social media, it’s become clear that those scenes are no longer mere fantasy.

Instead, to those living in Philadelphia, it’s a very real and disturbing everyday occurrence.

And no, I’m not joking.

To be clear, these aren’t exactly the terrifying zombies we see on the TV screen. But zombies, they most definitely are, complete with rotting flesh and all. The only difference is that instead of looking for humans to devour, they search for their next fix.

As the videos from  IQ News show, there are literally masses of “zombies,” people in a mindless-like state slowly wandering the streets, mostly in the Kensington area of the city once known for “Brotherly Love.”

The New York Times recently reported that Kensington has become “the neighborhood at the epicenter of the city’s drug trade.” And there is no bigger drug than “tranq,” “tranq dope,” and “zombie drug,” as it is often referred to.

It’s basically a bulked-up form of fentanyl, with an animal sedative known as xylazine added to it. Like most opioids, it’s highly addictive and can ruin anyone’s life quickly. But this one does more than just encourage stupid choices and such.

As I mentioned, it makes the user rather mindless or zombie-like. But it also quite literally eats away at the human flesh.

As the Times reported, “(The user) unrolled a bandage from elbow to palm. Beneath patches of black tissue, exposed white tendons and pus, the sheared flesh was hot and red. To stave off xylazine’s excruciating withdrawal, she said, she injects tranq dope several times a day. Fearful that injecting in a fresh site could create a new wound, she reluctantly shoots into her festering forearm.”

Terrifying, right?

And yet, the open border and soft-on-crime policies of the political left that created this epidemic continue with no end in sight. If this doesn’t prove just how damaging the Democrats are to us, nothing will.