Don Lemon Returns to TV…

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Don Lemon, a former CNN host, must be trying to make a comeback to television. Then again, if he were really trying, he’d probably change more than just his facial hair.

If you missed it, Lemon recently appeared for an interview with WATN-TV in Memphis, basically to paint himself as the epitome of what true journalism should look like – minus the greying beard.

However, all he managed to really do is prove that he’s just as unfit for TV as he was in April when he was unceremoniously fired from CNN.

Coincidentally, Lemon was let go on the very same day Fox decided to oust Tucker Carlson. But unlike Carlson, no one has been clamoring to have Lemon back on set or on their payroll.

And after his recent interview, everyone knows exactly why.

During his stint to make himself relevant again, he said, “I don’t believe in platforming liars and bigots and, you know, insurrectionists and election deniers and putting them on the same footing as people who are telling the truth – people who are fighting for what’s right, people who are abiding by the Constitution.”

He added, “I think that would be a dereliction of journalistic duty to do those sorts of things.”

As you can imagine, most who heard the interview had a pretty good laugh.

I mean, he just admitted that anyone who doesn’t believe as he does is a liar and a bigot. He’s calling people insurrectionists and election deniers for simply asking a few questions.

And one thing is for sure, he’s not all about telling the truth if he believes making Trump out to be the bad guy time and time again is the thing to do.

As more than a few on social media noted, this is just further proof that no one should be taking the likes of Don Lemon seriously. Not now, not ever.