Innocent Biden Grandchild Victim of Coverup 

Domenico Fornas /
Domenico Fornas /

Americans can be forgiven for not knowing the name Navy Joan.  

What’s less forgivable is the fact that her grandfather refuses to acknowledge her, even excluding her from having a Christmas stocking hung alongside those of her cousins and the family pets each holiday season. 

Four-year-old Navy Joan is the forgotten seventh grandchild of President Joe Biden and daughter born in a scandal to son Hunter. 

A heart-wrenching report from the New York Times described a tale of an innocent child, forgotten by her father and grandfather and ignored by the media.  

“There is a 4-year-old girl in rural Arkansas who is learning to ride a camouflage-patterned four-wheeler alongside her cousins. Some days, she wears a bow in her hair, and on other days, she threads her long blond ponytail through the back of a baseball cap,” reads the now-viral New York Times story. “The girl is aware that her father is Hunter Biden and that her paternal grandfather is the president of the United States. She speaks about both often, but she has not met them.” 

The refusal of Joe Biden to mention 4-year-old Navy Joan is not accidental. It’s a targeted attempt to keep yet another scandalous family secret out of the public eye. She is grandchild number seven, yet his aides are instructed never to mention the child when speaking of his grandchildren. 

Navy is the child of Hunter Biden and his ex-assistant Lunden Roberts. His refusal to support his own child is baffling and started at Navy’s birth. He refused to answer Roberts’ text messages announcing the birth of his daughter, removed both mother and daughter from his health insurance after the birth, and denied his daughter the use of the Biden name. Her mother is described not as an “assistant” but dismissed as a stripper. 

Recently, the forgotten child became a brief blip in the public eye when Hunter sought to reduce her support payments, claiming financial difficulties.  

Meanwhile, “loving family man” Grandpa Joe callously ignores the child’s existence when speaking publicly and has ordered his staff to do the same. “I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day — not a joke,” boasts cold-hearted Biden during an April “take your child to work day” at the White House. 

But for Navy, exclusion may not be a bad thing after all. 

Recently uncovered financial documents reveal a trust fund set up for two of the Biden grandchildren. The trust, given to the kids of the late Beau Biden and wife Hallie, totaled $100k and seems to be funded from illicit business dealings amongst various Biden family members.  

One college-aged granddaughter, specifically targeted for money laundering schemes, will face the consequences of being a Biden for the rest of her life. 

Of course, the granddaughter had no idea she was involved, per House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY).  “When that poor girl goes to get a mortgage or apply for a credit card, she’s going to have problems because she has a bank violation, a major bank violation,” Comer explained. “She’s always going to have to hire an attorney to help explain the financial situation, through probably no fault of her own. I mean, she was in college. She wasn’t doing some kind of shenanigans with the Romanian foreign national.” 

“We found out about her through her bank violation, called a suspicious activity report,” he continued. “They were funneling money that they were laundering through shell companies down to one of his grandchildren to try to hide it from being in Joe Biden’s name and evade taxes. This is not a good role model for how grandparents should be.” 

In fact, there is not much in the way of being a good role model that the Bidens can claim. Biden himself is a known liar who doesn’t seem to know exactly how his son Beau, who passed away in 2015 of brain cancer, died. In a recent speech at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuma, Japan, Biden claimed, “My son was a major in the U.S. Army. We lost him in Iraq.” It’s not the first time he has claimed this, and it lives on in an ever-growing list of Biden falsehoods. 

For Biden, lies come easily, whether by commission or in the case of four-year-old Navy Joan, omission. And the coverups are complex and thorough, like instructing his aides to never mention Hunter’s daughter. The Biden administration genuinely seems to believe that ignoring an unwelcome truth, like border security, inflation, or the life of an innocent child, makes it disappear. 

Still, for the innocent bow-wearing baseball cap sporting Navy, distance is probably best. After watching Biden’s hair-sniffing and unwelcome antics regarding young girls in the past, the presidential lap is probably one she doesn’t want to be on anyway.