New York City Hires COVID Company to Deport Illegal Aliens

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For all their platitudes about how they offer welcoming “sanctuary cities” for hordes of dirty foreigners, the Democrats sure are vicious when they’re done playing with their pets. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has had it up to here with the 90,000 illegal aliens who took him up on his offer of sanctuary. He’s just awarded a no-bid contract to a COVID company to start deporting the illegals immediately.

Joe Biden has allowed more than 7 million illegal aliens into the country since he was installed in the White House after the 2020 coup. This has caused a housing crisis in all 48 of the contiguous lower states, even in rural areas.

New York City has been especially hard hit, with 90,000 illegals turning up there. None of them have the ability to speak English, read, or hold down the most rudimentary of jobs in our advanced economy. They are cradle-to-grave welfare leeches and criminals. As of May, 50% of the hotel rooms in New York City were occupied by foreign invaders.

Mayor Adams is so frustrated that he just awarded a $432 million no-bid contract to a company called DocGo to start deporting the horde out of New York City. Not in his backyard!

DocGo has only been around for the past 8 years, and its owner is a guy named Lee Beinstock. He was once fired from “The Apprentice” by Donald Trump. DocGo used to provide the city with COVID testing and vaccine services. As the pandemic waned, the company shifted to a new business model that involved deporting illegal aliens out of New York City.

It’s always the same with liberals. They love illegal aliens and claim to offer welcoming sanctuary cities. But as soon as they show up, they’re brutally efficient at getting rid of them. Red-state governors could learn a lot from them.