French Cops Retreat to the Donut Shop as Their Colleagues Are Prosecuted for Doing Their Jobs

Julien Tromeur /
Julien Tromeur /

French police are now doing the bare minimum when it comes to their jobs, as the fascist French “President” Emmanual Macron has his government prosecuting officers for attempting to stop riots. For weeks now, Islamic illegal aliens in France have been protesting and committing acts of jihad because French police shot and killed a Muslim terrorist in self-defense. Cities here in the US where Democrats are trying to defund the police are going through the same phenomenon, known as “retreating to the donut shop.”

The riots in France started weeks ago when a second-generation Islamic illegal alien named Nazel Mazouk was righteously shot dead by police. Mazouk had a lengthy rap sheet and was basically a career criminal, like most second-generation Muslim transplants in Europe.

During a routine traffic stop, Mazouk tried to flee from the cops. That’s when he tried to run over several police and was justifiably shot dead. Mazouk’s jihadi mother had recorded the shooting on her government-paid cellphone, so she posted the video online and demanded that all Muslims rise up in a jihad to destroy France. Naturally, all the Muslims have complied.

Since the riots started, the cops have threatened to stage a coup against Macron if he doesn’t provide additional officers to stop the riots. One police officer ended up shooting an Islamic illegal alien with a riot gun, which resulted in the officer’s arrest. The officer was indicted and arrested.

Because they’re being persecuted for defending their country against illegal alien Islamic terrorist riots, French cops are engaging in “work-to-rule,” which means they’re showing up, but they’re not really doing anything related to their jobs anymore. Retreating to the donut shop, in other words.

As one French officer expressed it, “Why are we working-to-rule? Because a police officer who leaves his house in the morning may also find himself indicted in the afternoon, and then placed in detention by the evening.”

It looks like Emmanuel Macron is going to have to pick a side eventually.