Woke Mob Targets Christian Ran Business

Lightspring / shutterstock.com
Lightspring / shutterstock.com

You’d think anyone helping out the homeless community would be welcome just about anywhere. But nothing could be further from the truth for this Christian coffee shop in Denver.

If you’ve been to the Mile High City, you know it’s quickly becoming the next San Fransisco, with streets filled with homelessness and crime. So it shouldn’t be a shock that Christian organizations in the area would feel called to step up and help those in need.

Enter Recycle God’s Love, a nonprofit Christian ministry in the area that recently opened a small coffee shop. As its mission states, “The Drip Café is a Ministry Driven Care that helps the Homeless Community in Denver.” The Café provides jobs for many living on the streets and suffering from mental illnesses.

But as CBN News recently reported, the local LBGT community doesn’t like the coffee shop or its owners.

As ministry founder Jamie Sanchez explains, every Saturday, a group of protesters and self-avowed communists show up at the café’s doors and begin harassing customers. “They also show up in a larger number of the first Fridays of each month.”

According to reports, the protests usually end in the business being defaced and even broken windows.

Naturally, the sales for the small shop have decreased, limiting the business’s ability to hire new help from the area’s homeless population.

Sanchez said, “They said they want… our doors shut. They don’t want us in their city. They don’t want us. They told me they don’t want me on the planet.”


Well, because the ministry’s website mentions that homosexuality goes against God’s will for our lives. It also notes that despite that fact, the organization is “instructed to love those living such lifestyles.”

But that does nothing to change how the local communists feel about them.

The simple fact is they want them gone and are willing to do all manner of awful things to them if it means the shop eventually won’t exist. And all because they don’t agree with their values…