Trump Hated Having His Georgia Mugshot Taken

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel /

Former President Trump turned himself in to authorities in Atlanta for processing into the Fulton County Jail on August 24th. Naturally, the mainstream news networks didn’t waste any time smearing his reputation and later on releasing his mug shot and plastering it all over. While much of his arrest and release was pre-planned with paperwork filled out, the mug shot was up for debate.

Despite reports of his denying anyone would be taking his mug shot, Trump provided an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital about it. “They insisted on a mugshot, and I agreed to do that. This is the only time I’ve ever taken a mugshot. It is not a comfortable feeling—especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.”

With bail set at $200k, Trump did what most Americans do, paid $20k to a bail bondsman and called it a day. This helped streamline the process and get him out of jail much faster than anyone else would get.

Listed as 6’3” and 215lbs, the records also listed him as having “Blond or Strawberry” color hair and blue eyes. However, the mugshot and footage of him departing Trump Force One paint a different picture. Looking closer to 265 than 215, Trump was not depicted in the same health and strength he had been seen with previously.

Then again, facing one count of violation of the Georgia RICO Act, three counts of criminal solicitation, six counts of criminal conspiracy, one count of filing false documents, and two counts of making false statements would make anyone look a bit different. In total, he now faces 91 charges over four indictments.

As a whole, the American people are split on the issue. One side is asking how someone can face this many charges and still be free to roam the streets and also still be in the running for president. The other side is wondering just how scared Joe Biden and other Democrats must be to be going after a former president and candidate trying to return to office. No matter what, this is a historic case, and this opening mugshot is not a good foot forward.