Don’t Want To Sit in Perfumed Vomit? Don’t Fly Air Canada

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The Bold Bureau /

We’ve all heard of some odd and head-scratching experiences on flights. While a dirty tissue, or maybe even a food wrapper in a seat back might have been understandable before, after COVID, this practice had become less tolerable. Now, as Susan Benson told it on Facebook, Air Canada wants passengers to go the extra mile and sit in puke.

As she detailed in her post, the cabin crew attempted to cover up the stench with coffee grounds and perfume. However, for a flight from Las Vegas to Montreal, that certainly would not suffice in the least.

“The passengers said they couldn’t possibly be expected to sit in vomit for the next five hours. They argued back-and-forth for several minutes and then the flight attendant said she would get her supervisor. The supervisor reiterated the same thing. We’re sorry, but you have to, it’s a full flight, and there’s no other seats available.”

Finally, they were given blankets, wipes, and vomit bags after massive hesitation and delay by the crew. Even after that, though, the captain approached their seats and demanded they leave the plane either voluntarily or by force; their call. As Benson detailed, “They could leave the plane on their own accord and organize flights on their own dime, or they would be escorted off the plane by security and be placed on the no-fly list.”

With the pilot telling the passengers that they were rude to the flight attendants, they were promptly removed. Even after explaining the situation and presenting what should easily be a quickly waved-off incident, they were still forced to be taken off.

A situation like this happens here and there. People get sick on planes due to turbulence, and it damn sure is not the responsibility of the person who booked the seat to clean this mess. It’s also not something the flight attendants should be doing, either. This needs to be done by a plane cleaner who has been properly trained and equipped to deal with biohazardous materials. Plain and simple.

Obviously, customer service has gone missing.