Horrified Family Listens as Euthanized Woman Screams During Her Last Moments

africa_pink / shutterstock.com
africa_pink / shutterstock.com

Euthanasia is always billed as a humane and compassionate way for terminally ill people to end their lives with dignity. It spares them unbearable pain, the doctor-assisted suicide advocates tell us. How come it never works out that way, though?

A Belgian family just suffered through a nightmare as a cancer-stricken woman opted for that “dignified” way out, but they had to listen to her scream for several minutes from the other room. When you find out what the doctor and nurses did to the poor woman, it will make your blood boil.

This story is seriously messed up. You might want to brace yourself for this.

A 36-year-old Belgian woman named Alexina Wattiez was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2021. She was told she had less than a year to live. While we don’t know the cause of her illness, it does sound consistent with the so-called “turbo cancers” that many hundreds of people have been suffering since they took the COVID vaccines.

By the spring of 2022, Wattiez’s condition had deteriorated so badly that she thought Belgium’s doctor-assisted suicide program would be a more peaceful and less painful way to die. At least she could go out with her dignity intact and be spared a few more months of unbearable pain. In Belgium, teams of assisted suicide doctors and nurses will even come to your home to kill you, so you can die in your own bed with loved ones around. That’s what Alexina Wattiez opted for.

When it was time for Alexina to die, all her closest family members were in her home with her. So was her boyfriend, Christophe Stulens, and his 15-year-old daughter. The doctors awakened Christophe in the middle of the night. They informed him that Alexina was not doing well.

“Then the doctor took some syringes, and we were asked if we wanted to say goodbye,” he says.

The doctor’s plan was to inject Wattiez, and then the family could come in and hold her hand as she peacefully drifted off to sleep and shuffled off her mortal coil. But that didn’t happen. The doctor and nurses shut the door as they were giving Alexina the cocktail of suicide drugs that was supposed to give her a “dignified” death.

That didn’t happen, though. Alexina started screaming. Her screams continued for several minutes until she breathed her last breath.

What happened in this instance is what happens in many doctor-assisted suicide cases. This is a situation that the murder-by-doctor ghouls don’t want people to know about because it shatters the entire illusion that doctor-assisted suicide is humane, painless, and dignified.

The cocktail of suicide drugs did not kill Alexina Wattiez. The drugs caused her agonizing, unbearable pain, which led to her screaming. So that the family would not realize that this ineffective form of murdering someone was not as pretty as they’d made it sound, the doctor grabbed a pillow.

The nurses held Alexina down as the doctor smothered her to death with a pillow. The family never got to say goodbye to her because the medical team was murdering her to make her stop screaming. An autopsy showed that she died from asphyxiation—not from the assisted suicide drugs.

“Afterwards we saw her lying on the bed with her eyes and mouth open,” said the poor lady’s boyfriend, who had to sit there and listen to Alexina scream in agony for the last few minutes of her life. The lesson, as always, is to never trust anyone who advocates for killing human beings as some sort of solution—whether the victim is a baby in the womb or a terminally ill person in pain. The assisted suicide business is a lie. It’s not dignified or painless.