Dem Donors Actually Rolled Their Eyes at Biden Officials Recently

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We all know Democrats are, by and large, delusional – they’d have to be to think more government control is better. But it would seem that not even Democrats can help rolling their eyes at the Biden administration anymore.

It happened last week in Chicago during an exclusive campaign event for more than 100 Democratic megadonors.

Of course, not Biden himself, but deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks was there to explain how the campaign was going, as well as where it planned to focus its effort next so that winning 2024 would be possible.

At first, everything went fine. Fulks explained that the campaign would do the most good by maintaining the support of states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. And donors agreed, noting that while “swing” states, they usually fell to the left.

They also agreed that states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada needed to remain a focus for the party.

But then, Fulks added a state that is clearly not worth trying for the Dems.

As one attendee said, “Everybody who was in the audience was doing deep eye-rolls over Florida being on the expansion map.”

Yep, Fulks actually told megadonors that they needed to also focus on Florida – after all, it has 30 electorates that could go a long way in ensuring a Democratic victory.

Maybe that would have been true a decade or so ago… maybe.

But as everyone but the Biden administration knows, Florida isn’t a swing state anymore.

It’s a full-fledged red, conservative, right-wing (however you want to say it) state. And every voting cycle, it only seems to become redder.

In 2016, the state went to Trump by 1.2 percentage points. In 2020, that lead was expanded, with a .3 percentage point win over Biden. Additionally, the state reelected conservative Governor Ron DeSantis in 2022 with a 19.4 percentage point lead.

As the Tallahassee Democrat said at the time, the victory “erased the common conception of Florida as the nation’s largest swing state.”

But Biden and his campaign clearly didn’t get the message…