Trans Anglers Officially Banned from Women’s Fishing Competitions

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Sooner or later, the governing bodies that set the rules for women’s sports are going to have to start banning biological males before their respective sports are all completely destroyed. The good news is that one women’s sport’s governing body has done just that. The bad news is that it is sport fishing. Wait, that’s a sport? Oh, well, at least there’s one women’s sport that is now safe from having a transgender male swipe all the trophies.

The president of the Confédération Internationale de la Pêche Sportive (International Sport Fishing Confederation) made the announcement this week. Under the new rule, male-born transgenders are not allowed to compete in any women’s sport fishing competition sanctioned by the confederation.

The decision comes after England’s women’s fishing team refused to compete in the world championships because of a dude in a dress. Professor Ugo Claudio Matteoli, the president of the confederation, stated that this was inevitable, “Especially in those disciplines where the physical strength can make a difference.”

Sport fishing doesn’t currently have the ability to check for testosterone levels in competitors. If any of the lady anglers suspect that one of their competitors is a dude, they can challenge to have them produce their birth certificate. The ban on dudes in women’s angling competitions goes into effect immediately.

All the women’s sports should use the strategy of the English fishing team when it comes to the invasion of the transgenders. Simply refuse to compete. You don’t really have a women’s sport anyway if a man is allowed to come in and swipe the first-place trophy every time. Instead, you have a farce, and you are participating in a lie. At best, you’re now in a “coed” sport and not a women’s sport.

It worked for women’s sportfishing, and it would work for every other sport if the ladies would simply draw a line in the sand.