‘60 Minutes’ Hit with a String of Horrifyingly Gross Sex Scandals

Mike Flippo / shutterstock.com
Mike Flippo / shutterstock.com

If you ever start to feel guilty about your political leanings because of anything that the “How Dare You” crowd in mainstream media says, just keep in mind the fact that all MSM personalities are deviant sex perverts with completely empty personal lives. They all pretended to run for their fainting couches back in 2016 when the Trump Access Hollywood tape was leaked. The reality is that most TV news anchors’ personal sex lives are so gross that you would never let them babysit your kids. Take ’60 Minutes,’ for example.

’60 Minutes’ was founded in 1968. It’s one of the longest-running television news programs in existence. However, the program itself and CBS News by extension have recently been hit by a bombshell lawsuit from a former reporter, who alleges that the network and the program and hotbeds of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and deviance that would make a drunken sailor on leave in the Philippines blush with shame. The program, which is still venerated as a real “news” show by baby boomers to this day, has been this way for many years.

The show’s creator, Don Hewitt, invented the show in 1968 and produced it for 26 years. He died in 2009. But during his run as the creator and producer of ’60 Minutes,’ Hewitt was sexually assaulting a female reporter on the show. This went on for decades and ultimately destroyed the unnamed reporter’s career. She reached an out-of-court settlement with CBS News over her repeated rapes by Hewitt. The network has paid her $5 million in hush money since the 1990s.

$5 million is way more than a simple harassment payment. Members of Congress generally only pay between $100,000 and $250,000 for all the interns that they sexually harass at work. $5 million is real money.

This call came out a few years ago, as did the completely disgusting affair that the married ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent Steve Kroft had with his mistress. Kroft’s love like with his mistress was so perverted and gross that it can’t even be reprinted here. Don’t do a Google search for the phrase “Steve Kroft mistress text messages” unless you actually want to throw up. This guy is “allegedly” such a disgusting and weird pervert that if you made a porn video from his love life, you’d have to publish it on the dark web.

The National Enquirer published the details back in 2015, and Kroft confirmed that the sick, vomit-inducing details were real.

As the New York Post reported last week, ‘60 Minutes’ is now being sued for a rampant culture of sexual harassment and misogyny that dates back many years. A former ’60 Minutes’ producer named Alexandra Poolos filed the case. She worked for the network for more than ten years as a behind-the-scenes producer before she was fired back in February. Poolos is also suing the parent company Paramount.

According to the lawsuit, ‘60 Minutes’ is an absolute hotbed of sexual harassment. Back when she was first being interviewed for a job with the program by Leslie Stahl, who is not a person that anyone would consider “attractive,” Stahl asked her if she would be willing to “use her body to secure stories.”

According to the lawsuit, “Poolos has never heard a [60 Minutes] Correspondent suggest that a man use his body to get a story.”

What’s the takeaway from all this? It’s that the mainstream media is filled with narcissistic personality disorder patients whose personal lives are completely empty. Yet they hold themselves up as moral arbiters for the rest of us. Whenever these “How Dare You” people try to lecture you about anything, just remember that almost all of them are sexual deviants whose personal lives make Joe Biden look tame by comparison. These are not good people, and they don’t have the right to lecture you about anything.