The Secret and Ugly Behavior of Sheila Jackson Lee

lev radin /
lev radin /

It’s no real secret that Democratic politicians can be hard to work for. But according to a recently leaked audio recording, Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is just downright ugly and cruel.

Now, to be clear, this is not the first time Jackson Lee has been criticized for how she treats her employees. In fact, for years, she’s been rather well-known as one of the nation’s most hard to work for politicians, thanks to her straightforward, no guff, and hard-nosed personality.

But this audio makes it clear that there’s much more that goes on behind closed doors. And it’s not the least it pretty or what a leader should be like.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, the audio certainly sounds like Jackson Lee, and it does track with her reputed sharpness of tongue. However, so far, it is also unverified.

In the short clip, a voice (supposedly Jackson Lee) is verbally chastising two staffers for apparently misplacing some papers. The staffer is heard promising to make some inquiries about the papers. And this is what Jackson Lee responds with:

“I don’t want you to do a g****** thing. I want you to have a f***ing brain. I want you to have read it. That’s the kind of staff I want to have. So if some other stupid mother***er did it, and I don’t have the information – nobody sent me the information. I need to, uh, ensure my, uh, schedule and, uh, you know, if, if Boo Boo did it, s***-a** did it, f***-face did it.”

And no, this isn’t anywhere near the end of her superlative-filled rant. She goes on, calling staffers everything she can think of, from “f***ups” to “two g****** big-a** children. F***ing idiots serve no g****** purpose.”

Let me remind you, this is a woman who is not only supposed to be representing Americans in our national Congress but who is also running as Houston’s mayor.

Let’s just say it’s not a good look for her.

Oh, and did I mention that Jackson Lee has yet to deny this as being her? The only thing she’s said is that it’s an attack from her opponents, which is in no way, shape, or form, a denial.