Mom Catches Case Over Toddler’s 1st Negligent Discharge

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On November 16th, while walking through a Wal*Mart in Waverly, OH, an unnamed mother was making her way through the store when her 2-year-old child was able to grab her handgun. With her distracted by something, the toddler was able to get a single shot off. Fortunately, the bullet went up and exited the roof, with no reports of anyone being hurt by the round.

For the toddler, the Taurus 9mm magazine managed to smack the youngster in the forehead from the power of the shot. This gave them a bit of an injury, but not life-threatening. Released to a guardian for urgent care treatment and release, the kid should be perfectly fine. With law enforcement responding quickly, the obviously embarrassed mother was waiting and subsequently arrested.

The mom, charged with “Endangering Children” through Pike County Court, awaits the many ways this can go.

Waverly Police Department issued a statement about the arrest. “The prompt and effective response by law enforcement ensured the safety of all involved parties and the resolution of the incident. The Waverly Police Department emphasizes the importance of responsible firearm ownership and storage, especially those with children. Incidents like these underscore the need for heightened awareness and safety measures to prevent such accidents from occurring.”

For gun owners, this is a big reminder to always ensure positive control of your firearm. While leaving one in the pipe is the preferred and logical way to carry it, doing so while leaving it in your purse while you shop with an unattended toddler is not safe or smart. Thankfully, with nobody seriously hurt, this will likely just be a very expensive lesson.