Want To Be Antisemitic? Blame Trump, According to Chris Christie

L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.com
L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.com

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) has been doing anything he can to get attention as we continue toward the 2024 presidential election. Running off to the CNN “State of the Union” TV show, he brought his incredibly divisive message along with him. When probed by anchor Dana Bash about the spike in antisemitic attacks across the United States, she indicated Christie’s clear position that this was all on Trump.

Christie took this approach:

“When you show intolerance towards everyone, which is what he does, you give permission as a leader for others to have their intolerance come out. Intolerance towards anyone encourages intolerance towards everyone. That’s exactly what’s going on here. That’s been going on for some time, not just with Donald Trump, but with university professors on some of our most elite campuses in this country, with university administrators and presidents who have been unwilling to stand up against antisemitism on their campuses, most particularly.”

Christie added that on campus, college students in their dorms and lecture halls, should have no worries about being Jewish. They should be able to go enjoy this without concern. However, he also added that this has been occurring everywhere as of late. He believes that this is all left over from the Trump administration and that it has spread like wildfire.

“We saw this display at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. These are folks who are ignorant. My guess is two-thirds don’t know what intifada is. If they did, they would be ashamed for calling for the elimination of the Jewish people around the world, which is what intifada is. In the end, look, I think that there have been a lot of people who contributed to it. I believe Donald Trump’s intolerant language and conduct gives others permission to act the same.”

Yet the record from his time in office shows that Trump was one of the most pro-Israel presidents in US history. His signature is on multiple pieces of legislation for protections for the Jewish people, including the extension of civil rights to Jewish students on college campuses. Given his construction, jewelry, business, and real estate connections to the Jewish people in NYC over the years, it would make ZERO logical sense for him to be behind the antisemitism.

What Christie is overlooking is the major plight that is the left and their manipulation of the mainstream media against Trump as well as the Jewish people and Israelis. This is the plight that is separating us as Americans. The liberal powers that be fractured us with their Black Lives Matter movements. They chipped at the fracture with Russia invading Ukraine. Now the resurgence of Israel vs Palestine/Hamas has people turning on one another at an unprecedented rate.

The riots the BLM marches gave us pale in comparison to the damage the Palestine and Israel riots could easily morph into. As we saw during our 20+ years in Afghanistan and Iraq, those fighting with religious intent behind them fight at a whole other level. Their willingness to sacrifice themselves or their loved ones is never-ending. At the root of things, that’s what is being fought yet again here.

Watching Christie try to tie Trump to this violence tells us all we should need to know about the Michelin mascot-sized candidate. He is not fit to run this country, physically or mentally. His inability to see the big picture or be transparent with the truth is a great demonstration of how manipulative he can be. This isn’t what we need in a Commander in Chief, Vice President, or even around politics.

Chris Christie is the poster child for someone who was elected to office by mistake, and now we, as the American public, need to send him packing. No more wasting donor contributions or Republican Party efforts to run for a position you won’t get. Enough is enough.