Toyota’s Latest Pickup Goes Back to It’s Roots

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For decades now, Toyota has only had the Tacoma as an answer to the so-called “chicken tax” in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, the rest of the globe has the ultra-cheap Hilux as their base model of base models. A stripped-down Tacoma, it was a great building platform for third-world countries and was the epitome of farm truck levels of basic.

Seen exclusively in areas of the globe with ample relief organizations and terrorism, they have been the economy edition of a reliable vehicle but could never get the OK for North America. Now climbing to $15,200 for a base model, it had gotten a touch too expensive for many. Now Toyota has announced a new bare-bones truck called the IMV 0. Starting at $10,000 the truck will be the ultimate base platform for building out.

Calling in advisors from organizations in these key areas, they optimized the chassis and frame for aftermarket building; something the big three here in the US will never do. For the IMV 0, they are offering flat glaze for all cab windows, with a sideless flatbed as the standard setup configuration. A load-sensitive proportioning value will be included, but ABS will only be optional. Without airbags or armrests, the truck will come with crank windows and rubber and plastic everywhere.

This is the kind of no-frills truck Americans are starting to go nuts over. Realizing they don’t need all these features from the factory, the dummy cars of the earlier 1990s are back with better engines and stronger brakes. Coming with gas or diesel engines in a 4-cylinder configuration, and paired up to a five-speed transmission, they will be equipped for anything you want to throw at it.

If Biden wants to see Americans go greener, start licensing these vehicles here in the US; many will gladly trade in their bigger trucks for something fun like this. Making vehicles easily modified is a great way to stay in business. That’s why Jeep still exists; it’s not that they are durable or even well-made. They are easily modified, though.