Dem Senator Attempts to Take Credit for the Very Hunting Programs He Put in Danger

Philip Yabut /
Philip Yabut /

Politicians say a lot during an election year. And as in the case of Democrat Senator Jon Tester, a lot of it is lies.

As I am sure you can imagine, Tester is up for reelection in his home state of Montana. And so he’s trying everything he can to be seen as just what the people need and want.

Apparently, that includes attempting to label himself as a hero for saving the very same thing he previously tried to destroy.

You might remember that the Biden administration proposed SB 2938 in 2023, also known as the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. According to its proponents, it would help to ensure “safer communities” by cutting federal funding to all schools and facilities that “train in the use of a dangerous weapon.”

Seems like a fair idea, right?

But as we quickly found out, it would essentially end the existence of a whole slew of hunting education, firearm safety, and archery programs throughout the nation.

In a recent ad, Jon Tester claims he was against the measure from the get-go, getting his “Republican colleagues on board to stop Biden’s policy and defend our Second Amendment rights. Montanans know Jon Tester always defends our way of life from anyone – no matter what.”

Too bad, that’s not exactly how things went down.

Jon Tester wholly voted “yes” to the bill at first.

It wasn’t until later, when the Department of Education made a point to try to use the bill to target school shooting lessons and programs that Tester was forced to change his mind.

It became clear to him that his state, made up of mostly rural communities built on hunting and shooting traditions, wouldn’t go for such a thing.

So Tester claimed that the Biden administration had somehow “misinterpreted” the bill for their gain, which he could no longer go along with.

But that’s not what he’s saying happened now that he’s in the middle of an election cycle.

And the people have noticed, including former Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy, is trying to defeat Tester.

Good luck fooling Montanans now…