Clinton, Obama, and Biden Team Up to Beat Trump

AF Branco /
AF Branco /

As you likely know, Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly hot on his way to becoming the winner of the November 2024 election. And so, it seems he, or his campaign, is pulling in some rather big names to help him get there.

According to NBC News, former Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have been named as a few high-profile individuals to be in attendance at a to-be-named spring fundraiser for the Biden campaign.

It doesn’t take anyone much time to look around and notice that Biden, by himself, isn’t really inspiring anyone. No one is impressed with his failing economy. His border policies are in a jumble. And crime and drug use throughout the nation are only skyrocketing.

The only real thing Biden has going for him is that, just like in 2020, he isn’t Donald Trump. But even that isn’t moving too many souls to his side these days, as more and more are seeing the value of Trump’s policies despite his so-called divisive ways and “mean tweets.”

And so, he’s bringing in the big dogs.

As you well know by now, both Obama and even Clinton were by far more popular than Biden is right now. So, adding them to major campaign appearances is assumed to bring in a few more faces and votes than otherwise.

The spring fundraising event is estimated to take place in March or April, possibly right around Biden’s State of the Union address. A massive ad campaign for Biden is also supposedly in the works for roughly the same timeframe, according to sources familiar with the campaign.

The campaign is also apparently reaching out to Taylor Swift, as well, who endorsed Biden in 2020. As popular as she is, it is estimated that should she endorse Biden again or stump for him at a few events, the tide of his abysmal polling could be changed.

But she would have to agree to it first.

And even then, it might not have the effect Biden needs.

You see, it’s not just that the incumbent president is wholly unpopular at the moment. One major problem is that he’s continually losing the support of demographics that used to be loyal to him, or at least the Democratic Party, to a fault.

According to Newsweek, who recently spoke to Mary Frances Berry of the University of Pennsylvania, black men have traditionally voted blue for decades now. After all, the Democrats think of themselves as the party of inclusion, right?

But of late, that demographic is not seeing the reality of that claim anymore. Berry specifically says that Biden, and his failing policies is turning black men away from himself.

Now, to be sure, they are not all looking to the Republican Party or Donald Trump just yet, although some definitely are. But they are increasingly not for Biden.

Candis Smith from Duke University confirms this by saying that “some black Americans are dissatisfied with the status quo; others are disappointed that the Democratic Party, which they have supported for decades, is not providing a real opportunity to express their dismay. Still more, there are black voters who truly like Trump while others may simply be suggesting that they are not beholden to societal expectations.”

She also added that a growing number of black Americans, “especially younger black folks,” are drifting to vote independently.

In any case, it increasingly doesn’t look good for Biden.

Once seen as the lesser of two evils, it may be that Trump now assumed that title, or basically any other candidate than Biden.

So, if the Democratic Party is going to stick with Biden, and it certainly seems that they are for now, it might not matter if they put big names like Obama, Clinton, or even T Swift alongside Biden. And it certainly doesn’t change the fact that Biden has failed us all.

Who would want four more years of that?